Search at dax group wirecard to bafin ad

Search at DAX Group Wirecard to BaFin Ad

The payment transducer Wirecard does not come to rest. After a report of financial supervision BaFin, the prosecutor has searched the business premises of the DAX Group on Friday. There is the suspicion, "that the responsible persons of the wirecard through the ad hoc announcements of 12.03.20 and 22.04.20 misleading signals for the Borsenzenpreis of the shares of Wirecard AG have been given", shared a spokeswoman of the state prosecutor Munchen I with. Previously, that had Handelsblatt report.

The company enaspted the search in Ashheim near Munchen. "The investigation is not aimed at the company but against its members of the Executive Board", Wirecard shared. The board is "Confident that the facts will be clarified and the pre-rejects will prove unfounded."

Suspicion of market manipulation

At the Borse, this did not provide for rearance. The share price of Wirecard broke on the trading platform TRADEGATE in a first reaction for Zwolf percent. Thereafter, the loss decreased to about 6.6 percent.

According to the prosecutor, it is determined against the Executive Board of the Group and thus four accused. It goes for the suspicion of market manipulation. Further information did not want to do the author.

BaFin had previously taken statements of the payment service provider Wirecard before the publication of a special screening report more closely. Accordingly, it was precisely whether it has given in advance misleading information. "As soon as we find clues for it, we will not provide criminal charges at the public prosecutor", Had Elisabeth Rose, befin of BaFin securities supervision, emphasized on Tuesday.

Sales and customer relationships are authentic

The DAX Group remained unanswered after the conclusion of a special conversion to balance sheet legislation. The Wirtschaftsbellungsgesellschaft KPMG reported in her report on the business years 2016 to 2018 that significant documents were missing – mainly to the business with third-party companies, the payments on behalf of Wirecard. That’s why the KPMG Prufters could not determine whether the relevant bookings correspond to real revenues.

Wirecard rejects the fact that revenues and customer relationships are manipulated. CEO Markus Braun had repeatedly claimed that the accounted revenues and customer relationships from these businesses with third partners are authentic. The DAX Group wraps in countries where the company does not have its own licenses, transaction volumes over third-party partners. In the transparency around this elaborate, it had in an article series of the British business newspaper Financial Times Criticize.

Doubt about business principles

Wirecard has long been under prere for doubts about his businesspractics. The company had therefore prompted a special conveyation of the books for the years 2016 to 2018 in October by KPMG. The report published at the end of April could not all doubts. The submission of the tested figures for 2019 has the company for two weeks on the 18th. June postponed.

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