Scientists develop vote to limit values

In the dispute over limits for air pollution by exhaust gases, the National Science Academy Leopoldina is expected to present an opinion in the spring of 2019. After a corresponding request from Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), a working group with scientists of various fields has been compiled. According to Leopoldina, among other things, the methodological quality of studies to which limits. Also planned is a comparison with limits and health protection regulations in selected other countries.

The EU limit value for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) of 40 micrograms per cubic meter of air since 2010 has fallen into criticism. He is the basis for judicial driving bans. A group of pulmonary resources had touched the debate by specifying the health benefits of the limits. On the other hand, there is broad contradiction of German and international experts. Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) penetrates a review of the limits. At the end of January, the Federal Government announced that the Leopoldina as a National Academy of Sciences to ask for a clarification.

The working group, which should advise independently and outstanding advice, are 20 professors from Zwolf professionals: Medicine, Toxicology, Biology, Chemistry, Epidemiology, Statistics, Technology, Economics, Materials and Laws, Sociology and Transport Research. One of three speakers of the working group is the Prasident of Leopoldina, Jorg Hacker. The experts will appoint because of their personal expertise and should not be tig as representatives of an interest group.

The Leopoldina, based in Halle in Saxony-Anhalt, develops opinions in the context of a "science-based policy advice", which also contains options for action. As a rule, the contributed to it comes from members or committees of the academy, as it strikes. But there were also topics and questions of AUBen, as in the case of nitric oxide limits.

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