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The Popkomm: a trade fair without home for an industry without a future

For the last time, the Musikmesse Popkomm opened on Thursday in Koln. Nest of years, it should go to Berlin due to crisis. Matching the German Music Economic industry has hearty sales pits. The German Download Portal traded in response to waiting for it.

For years, the Popkomm is in Koln of the crisis summit of the German music industry. Now the fair threatens to become a victim of the crisis. For two years you have not only to fight with significantly reducing visitor numbers. Even the exhibitors remain the Popkomm often Fern. In July, Viva Medien AG moved quickly the emergency brake and merged to borrowed in the next summer at the Berlin University of Exhibition."The decision is not easy for us, but only so we can secure the future of the Popkomm", explained to Viva boss Dieter Gorny.

Another novelty is there to admire this year: the pop command audience area. If the fair has so far been subject to industry professionals so far, so it now also exempts FURSMEIGE POLK Your Goals. In any case a stucco far. Exhibitors can present in a separate trade fair hall to the consumer, and explain OLI P as part of the audience congress. and Magix, as hits are produced today. Behind it is the idea of at least on the paper again more visitors – even if they pay only 12 euros instead of the otherwise conventional 290 euros. Whether the concept goes up, remains questionable. Which company wants to invest in times dramatically back-screwed budgets immediately in two measuring foothills?

17 percent sales pits

It is certain: This year, visitors will not find a German download portal on the Popkomm. Actually, the platform had point to the fair. Inspired by the advertised success of Apple Music Stores, it should allow you as a common coarse trading platform of all fun record companies other web providers to sell individual downloads from 99 cents. Monthly, the industry was negotiating the details, supposedly one was finally agreed shortly before the pop command. But until last weekend, the idea should still have not been deducted from the corporate headquarters of the labels.

Even if the breakthrough should be charged on the pop command, it is unlikely that phonoline will succeed in consumers. The offer is to be 100.000 songs of the funf coarse record companies include. These are offered at the starting price of 99 cents, possibly cost some songs more. Copy protection is reported to playback on a computer. CD burning should be theoretically possible, but in practice depends on the rights approved by the label. All this will barely make swusps-rewarded music fans. With countless downloads and even burned CDs, they have helped the German music industry recorded sales of 17 percent.

Death all incredible!

Therefore, the industry associations of the musical industry as every year will also resort to the rhetorical club against P2P users. The new copyright now finally offered a handle against downloads from exchange bolts, it will be available. Together with the download initiatives of the economy, this will allow to put the rudder around.

Some a journalist is reminiscent in these press conferences at the spokesman of the Hussein regime known as Comical Ali. But the last industry gathered in Koln may soon be a similar destiny like Mohammed Saeed Al-Sahaf: the repeated ingredient before running television cameras his victorious mantras, then one day suddenly in air toilder.

Telepolis author Janko Rottgers will stay away from Popkomm this year. He now has the book Mix, Burn R.I.P. – The end of the music industry publishes that appears in the heise publisher these days. Accompanying the book he maintained a website at

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