Sap and bosch plan standard for the digital industry

SAP and Bosch plan standard for the digital industry

When unwinding digital business processes, Bosch and SAP want to do common cause and create a new standard for industry. At the heart, it is about which often separately separated and used to merge and automate them in a system with different systems. This should also facilitate data exchange with suppliers and customers and ultimately make the entire process more efficient.

SAP and Bosch plan standard for the digital industry

Christian Klein, Chief Executive Officer of the SAP SE (left) and Michael Bolle, Bosch’s drivers and CDO / CTO of the Bosch Group (right) want to work closely with the simplification of digital processes.

Experts of both companies now want to introduce the experiences from the Bosch everyday life into the SAP systems and thus ultimately present a blueprint for other companies. "Bosch has an outstanding significance for the global delivery and value chains through its industrial competence and technology management in many industries", said SAP CEO Christian Klein. You want to digit this knowledge digitally.

The cooperation for the manufacturing industry has a special significance. In particular, the global automotive industry, with its complicated supply chains and numerous manufacturing sites, should benefit from it. Because here is still much individually managed and controlled today. Cooperation core is the transfer of Bosch business processes in SAPS ERP-Suite S / 4hana. In the Enterprise Resource Planning software, resources are planned, controlled, controlled and managed by the order for the application and delivery to the invoice processing.

Others should benefit

From the accumulated experiences one wants to define a uniform industry standard and make other companies accessible. For example, one wants to halve the number of SAP systems for the importation of S4 / HANA. At Bosch Mobility Solutions alone, the productive systems should be reduced to one.

Bosch is intended to influence the further development of S / 4hana in various business fields and processes. SAP plays the role of partner and consultant. The aim is a crucial simplification of the global system landscape, the possibility to optimize expiry of continuously as well as reliable real-time analyzes.

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