Russian opposition politician was shot dead on open strain

The Mords of Boris Nemtsov are unknown, the question is whether the Kremlin is responsible for the murder attack

In the opposition or as a critical journalist you live in Russia dangerous. Yesterday the opposition politician and deputy in a regional parliament Boris Nemtsov on open strain in Moscow with four kicked, 6 cartridge horses have been found. His companion remained unhurt. The mords, it should be several times, is still unknown after the Russian police, an investigation had been initiated by an investigative group. The Kremlin has sentenced the murder of expectations, Putin spoke his condolences to the family and friends.

Boris Nemtsov. Image:

The economic gliber aligned NEMTSOV is not an unknown in Russia. He was in 1998, albeit only a few months, Deputy Minister Prosident under Prasident Jelzin and in 1999 with the Liberal Union of the Right Kaftte, 2008 together with Gary Kasparov the Solidarnost and 2012 of the Republican Party of Russia / Party of popular freedom (RPR-Parnas). In this opposition parties and critics of Putin’s have joined together.

Nemtsov is a pronounced critic of Putin’s, he had supported the Orange Revolution in Ukraine in 2004 and was until 2006 to the economic advisor of the Ukrainian President Wiktor Yushchenko. However, he also fell there in disgrace. Nemtsov stood behind the EU orientation of Ukraine and criticized the annexation of the Crimea. He was sure now for the Kremlin, who oppresses the opposition, an uncomfortable politician. But a real danger of Putin did not leave him.

However, Nemtsov for Sunday planned a demonstration against Russian interference in the war with Ukraine, against the "Aggression Putin’s" and for an end to the war to unite the Russian opposition. At the beginning of February he had said he’s afraid, Putin Konnne Konne wants to do. RPR-Parnas sees one "political murder", The Russian government rather believes in a provocation.

Of course, however, what Putin or the Kremlin could win by the murder. The opposition is weak, behind Putin and its politics, despite the impact of sanctions and the lower energy prices, the majority of the population, even if Putin is afraid of an uncontrollable opposition movement like the Maidan movement. But Putin or the Russian government is certainly not directly responsible for everything that happens in Russia or with regard to Ukraine by nationalist networks, but they seem to have free train.

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