Russian competitive huter: apple abuses app store monopolis

In Russia, Apple is threatening anti-artist Arger: The Russian Competitive Agency (Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation – FAS) is followed by a study of the App Stores to the conclusion that Apple’s 100 percent share in the market for the distribution of iPhone and iPad software Stop and this dominant position also exploits opposite developers and app providers to integrate competition.

App Store Forced exploited

In the concrete case, Apple has parallel to the introduction of his new screen time function "Tools and skills" To develop child safety apps, so that these programs have lost a rough part of their functionality, the FAS leads off in a message. Apple even take the right to refuse apps that fulfill all the rules of the Group, according to the competitive persons – also the clarification against legal requirements.

The investigation is based on a complaint of Kaspersky Lab: The security company had to be certain functions from the "Safe kids"-Remove app that cheated apple suddenly considered a regular. Apple had started after importing the screen time in IOS 12 to counteract workarounds of child safety apps that converted certain functions over a mobile device administration (MDM). A matched Apple interface does not exist for such application trap.

You have tried several times to get into a solution in the matter, but it is not too "meaningful negotiations" come with the iPhone Group, Kaspersky last year. Apple uses its position as a platform operator to specify rules that disadvantage other developers. The App Store Needle Tube allows Apple to expand its market power to other market in which the company newly occurs, including the market for child safety software, so Kaspersky Lab.

Apple rowed in the past year due to numerous complaints: Since the summer of 2019, the iPhone Group has re-launched children’s safety apps with MDM functions back to the App Store and changed his regulations for this.

Apple wants to challenge decision

App providers can distribute their software for iOS devices exclusively via Apple’s App Store, so be it "extreme important", that "Discriminatory conditions for market access" apply to ensure competition, the FAS follows. You now wants to tell Apple your decision with specifications to register. One respect the Russian competitive work, but the result of the investigation but back and challenge it, Apple said according to the news agency Interfax in a statement with.

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