Russian company introduces drone produced with 3d printing

Russian company introduces drone produced with 3D printing

Drone produced with 3D printing. Image:

Mass-like drones could now be produced on site for use as Kamikaze drones

The Russian russian company UIMC has presented a drone on the Industrie Fair Innoprom in Jektarinburg, which was made with a 3D printer. The drone had already been tested for their airport, says the company, which always likes.

The printing of the tube parts was needed a day. Then the drone is assembled with an aircraft of 2.4 meters, a weight of 4 kg and a range of 50 km within 15-20 minutes. Very practical so if you quickly need a drone on site and has a corresponding 3D printer at hand. For a long time, spohne parts can be printed. Airbus introduced a thor-called drone in June, which, however, requires a month for printing for the above 1000 parts, but is also four meters long and weighs 25 kg. The price is 25.000 US dollars, so not very cheap, drive and control can not be printed.

However, you can not print the drive that will be delivered by a Russian company. This also describes the use of 3D printing technology on the hull, the flying and the tail of the drone. The aircraft corner is provided with a cover for the propeller to reduce the weight and to make better aerodynamics. The drone Konne is different cameras and communication techniques with themselves and used for a variety of tasks.

Sergey Skokov, the vice-CEO, blackmest that the additive technology makes the production significantly faster and cheaper. If a part of the drone is damaged in use, you can quickly – also print and replace it on site. And the cheap printed drones could then be used massly in military conflicts, because the risk that drones are destroyed or damaged, barely more important cases. It is also mentioned in Russian media reports that such drones were used as Kamikaze drones. So these were technical suicide commands, which are therefore attractive because the drones will be produced as cheap and quickly that you can use them as ammunition.

Which in such reports on technical advances that enables new applications and strategic advantages, is customary not to be said that drones produced with 3D printing can, of course, be used by opponents, criminals and terrorists. Even the can then print drones independently of weapons restrictions and commercial offers themselves in the Do-IT-Yourself procedure. Already, the superiority of the state troops is addressed to the use of coarse and also armed drones, while routinely or terrorists such as in Syria or Iraq routinely drones for monitoring, for exploring and for propaganda purposes. And you have to wait for a drone for a stop to replace a human suicide dock for the first time.

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