Russia involving new eu member states

The Brandenburg AfD top candidate Alexander Gauland wants a change in the sub-policy

The TAZ refers to the Brandenburg AFD top candidate Alexander Gaul country as "Wise conservatives" and "Stroke of luck" for the party. The doctoral lawyer in the past was in the past, among other things, Chief of the Hessian State Chancellery, CDU / CSU Bundestag Faction, and authors of numerous texts for the daily mirror, the FAZ, the time and the Frankfurter notebooks. In the AFD, Gauland propagates an ale-political course that explicitly leans against the Politics Otto of Bismarck and attempts to avoid confrontations with Russia.

Dr. Gauland – What were you changing from the German Aufenpolitik and the EU’s Aufspolitik? Alexander Gauland: In all the considerations concerning the successor states of the Soviet Union, one must invite Kunftig Russia. It does not believe that we take on successors of the Soviet Union without consultation and consultation with Russia to NATO or the EU. What else could happen to happen if the EU does without consultation? Alexander Gauland: It could happen that Russia, the EU and the West continue to develop and that is wrong for Europe. See in common between the time a hundred years ago and today? Alexander Gauland: Yes, I see. Because there is no more east-west dispute, but, although in changed constellations, the old multipolar world has restored from before 1914. Russia today is a normal gross power and a teammate in European and world politics. Alexander Gauland. Photo: License: CC BY-SA 2.0. Love the risk of new wars reduce by referendum, such as Roger’s Coupling says? Alexander Gauland: In some situations you can imports popular tuns, but I do not believe in the risk of wars in Europe. Then you see the situation today as less dangerous than the 1914? Alexander Gauland: Yes of course! The situations can not be compared despite everything. They are top candidate in Brandenburg, but are mainly committed to non-sub-policy. Can one elections in state elections? Alexander Gauland: No of course not! But in a young party you have to do much. And I am in the Federal Forivore now for the sub-politics. This has nothing to do with my candidacy for Brandenburg. Here, I will definitely dedicate myself to the many national policy topics. In the mid-1970s, they were press attache at the German Consulate General in Edinburgh – what are they holding by an independence of Scotland, on the 18. September is tuned? Alexander Gauland: I hold a little bit because it poses more problems than it’s lost. Scotland had to be newly integrated into NATO and the EU, it had to be argued about the pound and the monarchy – and that’s pretty meaningless. Should the German Federal Landers have more competencies transfer? Or the municipalities? Alexander Gauland: I think the distribution is already correct. But it is important that the EU does not attract competences of the national standards. There were mandatory referendums before new competences? Alexander Gauland: Yes, that’s also our program: No other soveranitate distribution without referendum. And before the inclusion of new EU member standards? Alexander Gauland: … we also demanded compelling popular tuns. Finally, back to state policy: What do you want to do differently – and what not? Alexander Gauland: We have passed a state election program that makes it clear that we put much stronger on people than on the state. The most important program points are: More security, no airport in nucleation field, in the form as he is now built and more money for people in the flat Brandenburg, ie outside the coarse floor.

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