Rupture landing

Rupture landing

Munchen, 14. January 2016 [-] The car serves in films and series not only as means of transport, it usually also gives a message. Who is the good and who is the Bad-Guy, the career usually recognizes the vehicle that the person drive. Although there are no real guidelines here. The good driving American cars, the boses European…. That only applies. We remember Lara Croft in the Defender.

But it also has to be prepared as a stylistic device. If a protagonist jumps from a building, he is thrown by the same or whirled by an explosion through the air, then directors like to grab the trick back to let him land on a car. A turn with multiple facets.

On the one hand, an autodeaching is action-rich. If a person bangs onto the strain, then she lands, rather excavated arm, on the concrete. But she slails on an car roof, then splinters glass, crunches the cold deformation, howls the alarm system, yells the horn and best case is a Ford Pinto from the 1970s, then the car even explodes even.

But also the landings are different. Who has the bad luck to land in slow motion on a car that dies in many cases. Who lands in normal speed, has the chance to survive. Especially if he is one of the good ones. But that too are more rough guidelines as real rules.

If a character is to be presented particularly strong and supposing, it must populate in the course of the movie at least once on a car and smoothly survive the fall. Anyone who dismisses a brutal landing with a loose saying or ignored them completely, which is raised to a new level of danger. Batman, Hellboy or the matrix characters has not been serious without rummeled cars.

Anyone who liked an impression of how such a car landing acts, which could hold on to the YouTube channel "SuperCutonline". He has packed 56 such crashes in a video (1:41 minute long). Good this way.

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