Ruck the (corona) riots


Good protests, bad protests. These are rated as well: Kiev, Ukraine, 2013. Image: Mstyslav Chernov / Unframe, CC BY-SA 3.0

The youngest unrest from the Netherlands to Tunisia have similarities that are hidden in the political and medial debate in the West

The unrest of the last days, which determine the domestic discussion in the Netherlands in front of the elections, have not continued in the middle of the week. Striking is how hard the media representatives do to only call the events. In addition to the entrance linked report from Stephan Schleim Telepolis wrote the left liberals taz After all of "Corona riots". In the text correspondent Tobias Muller also mentioned the alienation between population and government.

Racism in child avalanches in the Netherlands

Muller also mentions the Dutch child benefit affare, who has wanted a few weeks before the election for the jerkiness of the lawyer government. In the entire conflict, the racist component is surprisingly largely hidden, though or perhaps just because the racist concept is often used morally meaning-emptied.

In the Netherlands, the campaign known in Germany were against "International Socialists" immense back payment by allegedly too much paid child benefit. So many families came into existential difficulties. Above all, affected were migrants. According to the online newspaper Migazin, the campaign goes back to TV recordings in Bulgaria.

There, inhabitants of Journalists had explained, they were able to buy hauser with thousands of euros, who overlooked them the Dutch state. In some cases, such a scam was indeed also given. But a general suspicion against all migrants was the result, which managed that the resistances of each form error in contributing as a fraud and asserted prere claims.

A commission used by the Netherlands Parliament stated this abandonment as injustice, which led to the jerkiness of the government. The affected ones can now count on a deceleration. This process shows how different facts can be evaluated. What is classified as a fraud in the context of a racist campaign, became adopted at nodernal reading.

This is not a Dutch specificity. In the face of the nationally orchestrated campaign against alleged asylum fraud in the event of alleged asylums, which highlighted largely as misused, it is surprised that not even the jerkiness of Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) followed, although he is eagerly asked the campaign and pre-judged the head of the Bremer’s foreigners.

The approach to Shisha bars as an alleged hoard of unlawfulness could be seen as an example of such racist campaigns, which apparently managed that racists in Hanau attacked establishments attacks.

Why nobody talks about Riots?

With a view of the situation in the Netherlands, it is rude that the concept of restlessness or the Riots rarely falls. There have been the book Riot for several weeks.Strike.Riot of the US Sociology Joshua Clover in German translation of Paul Weller, published in the small publisher Gallery of Single Arts.

In the US, the book has long for discussions. Because clover tries to prove that strain alarms will be more often experienced in the next time. The Marxist funding his thesis in the book like this:

For centuries, the riots were on the marketplace and straws of the moment, in which a vacuum and verification had come to their limit and exploded. This central shape of the protest was displaced at the beginning of the nineteenth century by the fighting shape of the strike. The class struggle relocated itself into the production sphare, on the terrain of the factory. But the factory is no longer the preferred place where the capital in the crisis can become advanced capital; his returns are too small.

From the foreword of the book Riot.Strike.Riot

With the crisis of the Fordist factory, so the fundamental, the straws and places will be back to the places of restlessness. Also belong to your marks that you arise in one place and then spread without it giving coordinators. In fact, for the Riots in the Netherlands, the Straheurrieden had been a model in the middle of January in Belgium. At the same time, there were also riots in Tunisia, which, of course, be seen in this country often in the context of the local revolution in 2011, which especially in an elite exchange munichte.

It is the hallmark of burgeral media that the riots in the "Liberal West" as a riotable, as it has happened with the yellow-west protests in France. In the global Suden like Tunisia there is still a certain understanding of paternalistic as "Lost generation" designated actors.

Approval is available for Riots in Belarus or Hong Kong, where the alleged worker activist Au Loong Au in his book "Revolt in Hong Kong" a militant faction describes the black block imitated, but could go through as East Asian Pegida.

Such actors have the sympathy of the same media in Germany, which promptly demand more police, if in this country only a little disobedient stimulates on the strain.

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