Role model nature

Role model nature

Los Angeles, 12. November 2013 – Designers are rarely free of any forced nowadays. What comes out, if you can do as you want, will be on the L.A. Motor show shown. 2011 stood the movie cars for 2025 on the plan, 2012 were police cars for the year 2025. At the this year (22. November to 1. December 2013) The motto is called: "Bionics Mobilitat 2025 – Nature Answers to Challenges for Humanity ".

Creative drafts

The design studios of BMW, Changfeng, Jac Motors, Mazda, Qoros, Saic Motor, Subaru and Toyota have submitted drafts for competition, Hyundai, Mercedes and Nissan show creative ideas auber competition. The creative heads love their designs of living beings, structures and advanced in nature. With these models, topics such as traffic jams, pollution, security and sustainability should be addressed.

Forgotten waterways

BMW introduces two ideas. In order to dissipate the seashore traffic jam in Los Angeles and reduce the environmental impact, beat the BMW designers in their design "L.A. Subways "forgotten waterways as an alternative to professional traffic. The role models should be the efficiency of Blackmen and the powerful processes of energy production in biological cells.

A second design deals with a research apparatus for the harshest zones of the earth. It’s called "S.E.E.D." (Sustainable Efficient Exploratory Device; Sustainably efficient exploration apparatus). The basic idea for this vehicle supplies the maple seed, which thanks to its flying slowly rotating from the tree to the earth. So also uses S.E.E.D. A multifunctionally rotatable rear and power like solar energy, wind and gravity as resources.

Adapted grassy

Spiral-shaped reed reeds form the basis of the "Los Angeles Bio Research Project) of the Chinese automobile manufacturer Changfeng. In a closed system with a network of semi-rigid reeds, power transmission and agility are distributed and organized. The mobile anhnels a grassy, which can run, hub, climbing and swimming and forced with tight breaks. By holographically rehearsed emoticons, which reflect the current traffic situation up to techno-gel seating cushions for cowlen or impossible, the "Labreaea" system follows the motto "customize or down".

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