Right chatgroups: privacy protection and press association contradict nrw ministers

Right Chatgroups: Privacy Protection and Press Association contradict NRW Ministers

NRW Interior Minister Reul provokes with relative statement about right chats in police contradiction (image source: Xomox, CC by 2.0)

CDU politician Reul suspected problems even with padagogues and journalists. Festival protection Stuffed statement not, press representatives demented

Federal Government and press associations have contradicted the presentation of the North Rhine-Westfalian Minister of the Interior Herbert Reule, right-wing extreme chat groups not only among members of security authorities, but also in other occupational groups. In a conversation with the daily newspaper taz Had Reul the mutation uplieved that right-wing extremists are also exchanged in chatting groups of platforms and press representatives. Now the Federal Ministry of Interior and Press Association now opposed.

The exercise of the NRW Minister of Interior fell in a dispute on right-wing extremism in the police. Love the taz the Christian Democrats with the Professor of Criminology and Police Science at the Ruhr University Bochum, Thomas Feltes, as well as the Criminal Hauptkommissar and Chairman of the Confederate German Criminal Officer (BDK), Sebastian Fiedler,.

In the course of the conversation, Reul glued to right-wing extremes forums: "I believe that there are similar problems in chat groups of teachers or journalists. But with us it should not exist." Who does not defend the people and defend the rule of law, no policeman.

The relativary statement, right-wing extremist chat groups are not only to be found in members of security authorities, the Federal Ministry of the Interior now responded under the direction of the CSU politician Horst Seehofer. The Federal Government lays down to the right-wing extremists after the concentration of coordination office of the Federal Office for Future Protection "no findings to right-wing extremists chat groups of teachers", it is called in the answer of the Ministry of the Interior, the Telepolis exists.

Interior Minister Seehofer had launched the central office for the declaration of right-wing extremist activities in public service in the face of recurring scandals at the end of December last year in the face of recurring scandals. The previous findings of the body do not cover the statements of NRW Interior Minister Reul Indes.

Astonished showed up Telepolis-Demand also representatives of press links. "That NRW Interior Minister Reul has a coarse problem with right-wing extremism in the police is now known", said the speaker of the German Journalist Association, Hendrik Zorner. "He should not try to get troubled by talking about Nazi journalists – that does not exist according to our knowledge", so zorner on.

Reul attempts to distract with the reference to supposedly existing right-wing extremist chat groups under teachers of corresponding Nazi chats in the police, criticized the left-hand interior politician Ulla Jelpke, who had filed a written question about the topic. "Exceptionally, the fact that such right teacher chats are not known, was not allowed to lie on the blindness of intelligence against right-wing extremists, but simply that such chat groups do not exist", So Jelpke opuber Telepolis.

Scandals among others in NRW, Saxony and Berlin

Safety faith as police and Bundeswehr released much more attractive than the teaching office for right-wing extremists with their authoritar world view, Jelpke fugged:

"While a racist teacher quickly confronted with the protests of schoolers and parents, Nazis can be covered by the police with their right tips by misunderstood corps spirit of their colleagues and unfortunately tried to the state-owned monopoly, unfortunately much too often."

"Right Exerceme Chatgroups for police and security authorities had repeatedly provided for headlines in recent months and years. In several cases, however, the officials involved succeeded in defending themselves against labor law consequences. In North Rhine-Westphalia, the suspension of nine police officers were abolished for membership in a corresponding group. The conditions for a labor ban are "at the moment no longer fulfilled", The State Office explained for training, training and personnel matters of the police North Rhine-Westphalia on Tuesday of this week.

The disciplinary proceedings against the police are despite further. The officials had successfully challenged the suspension because a Hitler image sent in the chat group came from a Youtube parody.

In addition to the traps in North Rhine-Westphalia, in other parts of the Republic of police officers, for right-wing radical exercises in Chats. In Dresden, a civil servant was suspended from the service at the beginning of October, on a corresponding group at the Berlin police reported the ARD polite magazine "monitor".

In this case, a service group of the Berlin police had exchanged for a year-on exchanges, often under the promise of other participants. Muslims were included as "Fanatic primate culture" denoted, equipping escapeons with rapists or rats, neo-Nazis as a potential "Bonded" referred to in left demonstrations.

The monitor be evaluated chats of several years "unearth", said BDK chairman Fiedler, who drew out of the chats. "Those who post this here have sworn an oath to our basic law – and that stands in diametrical contrast to each other", so fiddle.

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