Rescue measures must have “far beyond what europe has considered so far”

After a circulating IMF paper, the agreed aid package for Greece is not enough

In the IMF, which the Eurozone Lander and above all Germany absolutely wanted to have the third rescue package, one sees the negotiated agreement as inadequate. After an internal paper that was jelly, u.a. Dirk Hoers from the picture has forwarded it, and on Monday evening, said Reuters, to which governments had been sent after an agreement between the Greek Government and the 18 states of the Eurozone had come about, the 86 billion euros are far from the end.

The Greek debt load, so it’s in it, be "highly intelligible" become. Debt of the political implementation last year and recently had been worsening the macrooconomic and financial conditions, as banking extensions contributed strongly to the negative dynamics: "The Greek debt burden can only be carried out by measures for debt relief, which go far beyond what Europe should consider so far." Next it is in the paper:

"The dramatic deterioration of debt burden points to the need for debt relief in a high that goes far beyond what has been obtained so far – and what was proposed by the ESM."

The IMF suggests several options for the solution. If Europe wants to consider a debt relief due to debt recovery, that it is one "dramatic" Leveling of, for example, 30 years of the entire European debt action – the new helps included. Only when the debt burden became much lower, it would give the opportunities for the private sector to resume debt at an interest rate near the opposite AAA ratings. If government bonds are given only at AAA ratings, the debt burden explained for Greece was driving. Other options were payments in the Greek household or strong haircuts for the IMF. "The choice between the different options", so the IMF, "Muses Greece and his European partners meet."

Schauble and Merkel do not like to horen that, because they always wanted to avoid a massive debt cut.

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