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An appeal to the topic "Child abuse on the Internet" shows already through the selection of participants, what the result should be

After talking under the poster "Stops sexual loading, stops padophilia, stops child pornography" u.a. The supply data retention for search engines in the EU parliamentarians also commenced, will continue to work on the establishment of mains barriers. On the 1. July there is an appeal in Brussel – more precisely "EPP Group Hearing of the Legal Home Affairs Working Group on Sexual Abuse of Children on the Internet". The little differentiated title shows together with the participants and organizers, where the journey should go here.

The hearing was organized by the ladies Cecilia Malmstrom and Sabine Verheyen already known on the topic of network locks. Both obedients to those who use grid barriers and at the topic of child pornography on the internet so far strictly known in Germany line "Loose and lock" propagate. Sabine Verheyen, shadow rapporteur for the conservatives in the Cultural Committee, the opinion represents it in child pornography "Zero tolerance". It is entirely on a line with Cecilia Malmstrom, which is in well-known manner "shocking numbers" There is a minute clock. In a guest contribution for the FAZ, Mrs. Malmstrom was allowed to advertise as follows for her idea of web barriers:

However, children’s abuse can not apply under no circumstances as a legitimate community. When children are lowered, this is a clear violation of their fundamental rights. Europe must therefore use all the power for the protection of children. Of course, the access barrier is not a substitute for the obligation of the Member States to take mails in order to remove child pornographic images directly on the source – even if we are all aware of the practical difficulties in the implementation and the providers are physically above the EU.

In addition to Malmstrom and Verheyen as organizers, two other well-known women are presented in (equipped with a storming symbol photograph) Prasent: Roberta Angelili and Stephanie zu Guttenberg. Roberta Angelili was already trying to reverse network locks in the past. Now she can hope for broader support – among other things through the European Child Safety Online NGO Network – short "Enasco".

Enasco and his balancing

The Enasco Manifest contains the demand for the "Production of a uniform list of all known child abuse addresses or a list that is as extensive as possible" and beside the "Relevant Internet service providers" also filter providers and other companies with one "Material interest" should be made available. The association receives significant funds from the EU Commission, which he partially passes on to its members. Burger right groups, the grid locks critically protrudes, are instructed on their own funds and receive neither financial nor media support from Brussel.

Enasco is also part of the "Safer Internet Plus"-Program of the EU and calls as a member, among other things, the German group "Innocence in Danger". For those who are the topic "Latch" Track, this is little surprising. The numbers, which Ursula of the Leyen once used to promote child pornography on the Internet, in part from the dank circle of Innocence in Danger – where to emphasize that a smoothing of numbers in most cases either fell to freely invented values or false interpretations leads. Innocence in Danger, however, not only has a prominent inspection with Ms of the Leyen, but also pays Stephanie zu Guttenberg, the Mrs of the Minister of Defense to her members. And thus also the Fruheren Federal Minister of Economics, which in Marz 2009 a design for the new regulation of the Telemedia Act, which included the grid barriers, almost shaken from the Armel. "Is actually Mr. to Guttenberg Minister of Economics or his wife?" Some bloggers wondered.

Well-known faces

Therefore, there is a little surprising that Ms. Zu Guttenberg also becomes the participants of the appeal to 1. July. The rest of the participant list also consists of the "the usual suspects", Their names on the other events on the subject again and again emerge: Rob Wainwright of Europol, Julia von Weiler of Innocence in Danger, Zoe Hilton des British Enasco Member National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPPC) and Mechtild Maurer from the Easter ENASCO -Representative ECPAT.

In addition to these well-known faces, a Carl Cox of Oracle can be worded and a Hannes Schwaderer from Intel to speak – so the participant list of appeal ends – which shows that there is no critical viewing of the problem. Rather, burger rights or data protection problems, as already in early conferences, remain in front.

The EU Commission has created a situation by the demand of Enasco, in which they can only win. Because of its members, the Commission’s loyal network has always adapted to matching conference participants, which then come together with the political protagonists at the desired result – namely that web barriers must be necessary and established throughout Europe. There is therefore flourished that in the media the "Hearing" once more often than "Expert body" is considered critical with mains barrening, and nevertheless ignited. Those who believe are to remain drugs.

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