Ready model 100: retro keyboard housing with touchscreen for raspberry pi 4

Ready Model 100: Retro keyboard housing with touchscreen for Raspberry Pi 4

The US Startup Ready has presented the keyboard housing 100 in retro design. It combines a mechanical keyboard, a wide but flat touchscreen with 1920 × 480 pixels and two 5-watt speakers in an aluminum health. All kinds of single-board computers such as Raspberry Pi 4 and compact motherboards fit in the formats 4 × 4 (Intel NUC), 5 × 5 and nano- or pico-itx.

In the first quarter, First of all, the Founders Edition of the Model 100 for 900 US dollars, surrounded around 880 euros with 19 percent VAT (not included in US prices). Ready built therein a four-core processor of Intel (model not yet known), 16 GB of RAM and a 1 TByte rough SSD on which the customs Debian-Linux version Ready OS is preinstalled.

Kit for a maximum of half price

That "normal" Kit is to follow later less than $ 450 without PC hardware, in which users can then accommodate a Raspi 4, for example, to build a retro computer. Alternatively, smartphones should also work, but with enriched functional scope with respect to the backside connections. From the factory sit there WLAN antennas, a serial RS-232 connection and an RJ45 socket.

Pre-order previously secure only one purchase place – for a color variant you can not decide yet, just as little for a switch type. Interested parties must pay the import from the US and also make friends with the ANSI layout of the keyboard. The latter is kept in the so-called 60 percent format, which comes out with the keyboard header block – here with arrow keys, small right shift and two function keys to the right of the space bar (ex works control and fn). The F buttons are located on a second layer (FN + number).

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