Ratvious crash of a drone in somalia

Ratvious crash of a drone in Somalia

Photo of the stitched or shot down Drone: "This one is off to the scrap yard, sliding! You Are Fighting A Losing Battle. Islam Will Prevail."

The device should have the US Air Force. Photos point out that it is a helicopter drone from Austria, who has never been sold to the USA

An in Somalia stalked drone is now giving up more and more Ratsel. The unmanned aerial vehicle went down at the Kuste sadlich of the city of Mogadishu. As supported on Tuesday by a spokesman for the US Army, it is a flight robot of the United States. However, the military-horizon wanted to stay anonymous to the media. He did not make real details on the cause of the crash, but the incident was investigated. Thus, it also remains open whether the drone was armed or which other equipment she has worn. The British BBC even wants to learn from the Somali provincial provincial governor that the drone was shot down.

Meanwhile, the Islamist al-Shabaab militia has collected the trummer and placed pictures on the net. They show charred overrests of a motor as well as a camera. This is probably a high-resolution SAR sensor with which the surface is set off and then re-assembled in a position image. SAR sensors are weather and daily time.

Drone of the French militar?

Al-Shabaab explains the drone in a village that is controlled by the group. French troops had performed a raid there in January to free the Denis allx expired Franco State Denis Allx. The action went wrong, a soldier was killed, the hostage is probably no longer alive.

But whether it really was a US drone, can be doubted. Although the US Luftwaffe has stationed in Somalia Flurgroboter and refurbishes there allegedly armed air shield (the covert war of the USA in Somalia). However, the pictures of the charred remnants show a component on which the lettering "Slide" to recognize. It seems to be a camcopter of the Easter-rich of the same name. "Camcopter" According to the so-called VTOL drones ("Vertical Takeoff and Landing"To). You look like a miniaturized helicopter. The US Army has, as far as known, no Schiebel drones, probably the Air Force of France, Spain, Germany or the United Arab Emirates. In Austria, there were a small scandal two years ago, as it came out that Libya is also on the customer. For the marketing of the system "German customers" Has Schiebel met a cooperation agreement with the Rustungsfirma Diehl BGT Defense from Uberlingen.

Federal Police and Bundeswehr sampled similar drones

The German Navy has extensive tests with the "Camcopter" carried out and another procurement decided. The device was tested in 2008 with over 130 starts and landings on Corvettes. The sailors skate on "Camcopter" the "Target and effect clarification, including the persecution of moving objects, and identification of non-cooperative objects".

The formulation is reminiscent of the EU project aeroceptor, the "non-cooperative" Vehicles or boats from the air with networks or special foam wants to remove this to stop this (EU wants to arm police drones). Now the German army wants to buy Schiebel drones.

Ratvious crash of a drone in Somalia

Photo of the stitched or shot down Drone: "This One wants No Longer Be Able to Spy on Muslims Again. So Much For The Empty Rhetoric On the Drone Program!"

A similar device, the Neo S-300 of the Swiss company Swiss UAV AG was tested two years ago by the Federal Police. As with the navy, arrival and departure from a ship to be cared for the Federal Police, which was left to the Federal Police (Federal Ministry of the Office of caraudel with espionaged roots over the North and Baltic Sea).

In Germany, the company EMT has a license and sells the drone from Switzerland under the name "Museco". As payload, the manufacturer gives 35 kilograms – far more than the flying cameras used so far from the Federal Police. On the product website Emt advertises with it, the drones were able to get along with all sorts of cameras too "SAR sensors, meteorological sensors, gas and particle samplers" ask. Allegedly the "Neo S-300" Even before the tests on the Baltic Sea "Successful test flowing overland" completed. However, the Federal Government claims that this was not done on behalf of the Federal Police. In doing so, the civilian research of the Federal Ministry of the Interior also serves the interests of the Bundeswehr.

Are control units of drones an admitted military goal?

But in the case of the drone shot down in Somalia, it is indeed to act for a US device, the question would be the question of which they were controlled. For the use of the US Army in Africa, the Africom command in Stuttgart is stateful. The use of drones, however, are probably controlled from Ramstein, as two weeks ago on the campaign website "Against the establishment of drum technology for war, monitoring and vacuum" was to read.

Critics of drone wars mean, the aircraft could lead to the fact that increasingly also institutions for controlling the combat robots were attacked. These are legitimate goals within the meaning of the Volker right, according to which Ramstein could target the visor. This is not tracing, after the official interpretation of the Federal Government, however, "International armed conflict" be present:

In an international armed conflict, military institutions represent the rules of humanitarian marketing (Article 52 of the first additional protocol to the Geneva Agreements) an admission military objective, whether or not a UAS [unmanned aerospace system] is conducted or not.

Federal Ministry of Defense

In the case of Afghanistan, the existence of this definition is undisputed, in the case of Pakistan is now also amed. The Federal Government has ordered an opinion in the Foundation Science and Politics, which had also previously dealt with the question.

Also the spy reading "euro Hawk" are allegedly controlled from the USA. This had broken down the mirror, but the notification was denied by the speaker of the Ministry of Defense. After all, it is snapped that the flights in Germany – although in the state of the German military and traffic agencies – can not take place without permission from the US:

To my knowledge, it is one of the problems we have discussed very intensively and we will also illuminate that we are particularly related to the "euro Hawk", the currently only in the form of the so-called "Full Scale demonstrator" do not have the possibility to design appropriate flights without incorporating American bodies. That’s under the bottom line: We always have to ask.

Stefan Paris in the Federal Press Conference of 27.5.2013

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