Quo vadis, soulseek?

Napster is dead, but his most appropriate deservation lives – yet

Fifty years now, with Napster, the peer-to-peer exchange bolts were seriously showing in the field of view of the record companies of this world. The music from the increasing number of flatrates and broadband connections almost free socket of the Pandora was comparable thanks to MP3 qualitatively for the first time almost the shop product comparable. If the name "Napster" Still several times the owner changed and ranimation experiments passed through, the users quickly separated from the sound and smoke. But over the Napster with distance most preferred exchange pool Soulseek is hardly reported.

The Short Answer is: I’m Too Lazy.

Nir Abel

Decentralized networks, Supernodes and proxy servers for concealment: Soulseek is all the fiction. The exchange bores of the Fruheren Napster programmer NIR Abel is a clone of the original model. The users log in to a central server managing the users. Resume a file transfer works only from the same user, in which you started the download. De facto the state of peer-to-peer technology, the Napster had reached in 1999. Little fail-safe, such as the speculation about recurring speculation in the Soulseek Forum, as a result of an intervention of the record companies. And with lust, mood and motivation of a single programmer decreases and increases the quality of the client.

Audiogalaxy is quite a truindless existence as a sweeping borse for self-produced music beds of various Internet radio stations. Unlike Audiogalaxy and various other exchange-based software such as Kazaa from Sharman is Soulseek without spyware supplement. It is financed via a donation program that promises to gather the donors in return for evaluated download priorities. That this technically and legally easily accessible exchange bores has been spared so far from the plate industry seems amazing: central network, well-known residence of the programmer, no concealment maps.

A potential explanation: The exchange borse is particularly pleased with the friends of fancy styles of high popularity. The small quota charthit mainstream hold on the one hand the number of hits of a search query, on the other hand, the target group of the charthitradiohor between 12 and 25, which are particularly relevant to the music industry, from the use of the program away.

But Soulseek also increases the number of users and with the rising skills of the program, NIR Abel deliberately commits the risk that even these exchange bores is increasingly shaking into the field of view of public and legal interest of record companies. First little friendly contacts existed in February this year.

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