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Wolfsburg, 16. April 2015 – the first VW Scirocco GTS fell a special role. When the model change in April 1981 did not develop the sales figures as aware, had a special model quickly. This came with slightly reduced equipment in the form of GTS 1982 on the market. Initially with only 85 hp, the GTS was quite successful: just under 19.000 stucco were sold in three years. The SCIROCCO GTS now introduced in Shanghai has another task as the first: he should strong the sports profile of the Golf Absherke.

The ingredients of Dafur sound familiar: The GTS really brings the "R-Line" with what opposite the series model differed stobbasted, a pair of spoilers, black mirror gimbing and voluminous silly cladding means. Series maby are 18-inch alloy wheels that did not exist in this form. Mounted for a surcharge VW 19-ZOLLER and two foilstrips, over bonnet, roof and rear rich. Chinese customers get the latter even serial maby, as well as the leather seats and the glass roof. Quite clashed VW the color palette: GTS builders can choose between red, black and two female and gray elections. In the interior are roof and interior strips black. The weight of steering wheel and sitting are seeded with red yarn.

No "performance" motor

The GTS is only offered with an engine. The two-liter four-cylinder with 220 hp and 350 nm drives the coupe quite neat. In conjunction with the manual transmission, VW promises up to 246 km / h, with the carpenty double-clutch transmission, it is only two km / h less. The time in the standard sprint remains the same with 6.5 seconds, the consumption in the NEFZ is 6.1 (manual transmission) and 6.4 liters is also close to each other. Nevertheless, the question remains why VW has not donated the scirocco GTS the ten horsepower engine from the Golf GTI "Performance". In the performance that had probably not made a rough difference, but a model praised model had stood well.

MIB 2 comes

Incidentally, VW is betrayed in the presentation of the GTS that the SCIROCCO gets the second modular infotainment kit (MIB 2) from the end of May. This includes those modern radio and navigation systems in the Scirocco, which are currently installed in Polo, Passat and Beetle. The remaining model range of VW should follow in the course of the year. No matter which platform you prefer: This is how "MirrorLink", "Android car" (Google) and "Car Play" (Apple) Mobile phones integrate into the car.

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