“Privacy is not a crime”

First demonstration against the "surveillance" Remained an insider event

Grob was on Saturday afternoon the handle at Berlin Alexanderplatz. In addition to Fubball tourists and weekend buyers, more than 200 participants had gathered there for a demonstration, for which was advertised primarily on the Internet. "Freedom instead of security motion" and "my life is not in your database" already showed that the resistance to control and monitoring is the topic of demonstration. Some passers-by thought that it was about protests against the spared safety regulations during the Fubball World Cup. But with that they were wrong.

The demonstration was prepared feather-driven from the working group storage storage together with other initiatives. The term inventory storage is certainly only insiders known. However, this is a regulation that affects millions of people: the planned EU directive provides for stock storage of translating telecommunications data. Any use of a phone, mobile phones and internet should be logged inequality so that law enforcement behavior and intelligence services can access it at any time.

The organizers referred to the AbhortScandal in the USA. In recent weeks, it had become known that the intelligence service NSA was the telephone connection data of CA. 200 million US burgers had saved. But also in Germany were 35 last year.015 telephone monitoring recorded. That was an absolute highest stand. The dependencies are not included here by the secret services that do not require judicial approval, because they do not appear in any statistics.

Several speakers warned against a security hystery with which surveys are repeatedly justified. An activist of the Stop1984 initiative warned against the popular prejudice that only those who have something to hide, turn themselves against monitoring: "Sham for Jovers like ‘I have nothing to hide’ have something to hide and are proud of it," She called under Applause. Several demonstration participant wanted to implement this knowledge and worried T-shirts with the inscription "Privacy is not a Crime"

The demonstrators directed the concrete claim to the Bundestag deputies to vote in parliament against the implementation of the EU Directive on Tuesday and to vote for a lawsuit on the other hand. In addition to these concrete demands, the demonstrators against the match of car data and the stop of video monitoring turned in public space. The use of biometrics and RFID chips should also be stopped.

These are certainly all very reasonable demands, but 200 to 250 interested parties from the Internet community, where everyone knows everyone, they will not be able to enforce. The question arises why the organizers are not a possible circle of affected responses from the beginning. Since the glass harzes IV receptioners were just as mentioned as the Fubfallfans, who have to make a total safety examination including Schnuffeli in Slip for a ticket or stadius. Above all, the Internet activists have to make their propaganda of general understandable designs, at the level of the crowd, because if they talk about "Big Brother", today only a few to Orwells in 1984 think, however, on the container full of fools on television.

Biometrics and RFID chips are only insiders talking, supervision at mobile phones, telephones and internet but millions. If you defend yourself against monitoring or at least become aware of the problems, a certain prere on those responsible could arise.

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