Preview of the iaa 2011

Preview of the iaa 2011

Frankfurt, 10. August 2011 – Every car IAA has her motto, which is obvious. "Meeting point future", "Fascination car", "See what moves tomorrow" and "Experience what moves", These were the previous slogans since 2001. Now it is called "Future series mabig", and this election looks quite apt, because the actually illogical word pairing the future is backed up to the ground of today feasible realitat.

After-the-hype show

Especially the last two automotive exhibitions in Frankfurt have a somewhat opposed, for some distorting impression. In 2007, many at least German hybrid vehicles hoped for, misdemid, largely. 2009, in the middle of the influencing electric car hype, it did not look much better: There was still many hybrids still not to see serial electric cars as good as no.

But the IAA can not do anything: Meanwhile – we just skip the zahe development there – may you re-understand that electric cars are not so easy to make marketable. Neither there is a suitable energy infrastructure that makes a low-emission mobility possible, nor can anyone offer a full-grown electric car, who want to pay the normal earner to pay or pay attention to cute people.

Also tomorrow is the future

The future, provided that they also pollute those who are not only in ten or 20 years, promises cars that consume significantly fewer fuel because it has given interesting developments in engine technology or because there are also European manufacturers in the hybrid drive. One will show the IAA this time: Yes, too, we can also be hybrid, but he should not be too expensive and can be used as a variant of a total drive concept in production.

You do not even have to keep it with Fritz Indra, recently in the journal Automobile industry said that the Toyota Prius only economically economically because he had been optimized aerodynamically with very high effort. Because we succeed him for his hearty intreal, we are just looking forward to this pointed representation, especially as there is a lot of unity again: the best "Price-performance ratio" probably have mild hybrid because they are able to use the benefits of recuperation largely completely, without the cost of electrification the vehicle price too much in the high.

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