Presentation: honda cb 650 r

Presentation: honda cb 650 r

Honda tries to set new accents with his Neo-Sports Cafe design. The youngest member of this club comes the CB 650 R. It does not only affect it – even the technology seems to be handled at the right places.

Honda is actually good in Germany. The world-growing motorcycle manufacturer claimed in this country in this country again the second place on the overall market and could be almost 20.000 rejoiced, a plus of eleven percent. Nevertheless, there was a beauty error in the balance sheet: In the high-range middle class Honda was able to sell from Naked Bike CB 650 F just about a thousand stucco, while the direct competitor Yamaha MT-07 sold three times so well and Kawasaki on nearly 3000 new zules of Z 650 came. The MT-07 was the second-paced motorcycle in Germany last year, the Z 650 followed fourth four, the CB 650 F came only under "Further Run" in place to the finish.

Interpretation of traditional forms

An untenable condition for Honda. Therefore, she now pushed a completely hand-handed model to the start and baptized it CB 650 R. Already last year the brand has introduced a new design with the flight ticket in the logo: "Neo Sports Cafe". No retro design imitating the look of the 1960s and 1970s, but a modern interpretation of traditional forms, as already at CB 125 R, CB 300 R (Test) and CB 1000 R (Test). In the luck in between, Honda now sorts the CB 650 R.

Optically, she wants away from aggressive, angular streetfighter design, towards smooth, simple flat. A round headlight with daytime running lights, behind it the paneling of the air ducts, whose silver paint coating should tend to change metal. The tank is even more compact than before, but lost two liters of volume. The stern ends directly behind the pillar seat, under the bench nestles a compact jerk light, left and right the new LED turn signals. Particularly elegant effects the almost parallel lead of the four crummer – as already at the transaction.

Elastic power output

Technically based CB 650 R on the old CB 650 F, but its performance rose thanks to a series of macers from 91 to 95 hp. To the airbox now drove two rough air ducts, before there was only one central channel. The compression was increased from 11.4: 1 to 11.6: 1, the bore-hub ratio remained the same, but the shape of the pistons and combustion chambers has been modified. The timing times are mandated and a stronger valve train allows a high peak speed.

The speed limiter now sets only at 12.000 / min instead of 11.000 / min and the maximum torque rose slightly from 63 to 64 nm at 8500 / min. The kink in the torque curve at 5500 / min of the old engine Honda wants to hire. Already so far the 649 cm3 four-cylinder highlighted due to smoothness and equal force development, we are looking forward to the first test.

But the CB 650 R has not only more power, but also less weight. Smooth six kilograms lost them compared to the process and now comes on slim 202 kilograms of empty weight. 1.9 kilograms were saved on the steel frame, which now includes pressed instead of forged shots for swinging storage.

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