Presentation: ford mondeo facelift 2019

Presentation: ford mondeo facelift 2019

The most important news for the overworking of the Mondeo merged Ford already months ago: The hybrid drive is finally also available in the station. That was allowed to help raise the local attributable numbers of this motorization in a perceptible area, although Ford continues to make life difficult. The rough update, which is supposed to make this mondeo fit for the second half of its construction time, remains too far on the surface in some places.

Unchanged hybrid drive

They did not think so badly at Ford. In the Mondeo Hybrid, a two-liter suction gasoline that runs in the Atkinson cycle is connected to an electric motor and a stepless gearbox. The system performance is 138 kW (187 hp), the maximum torque standing at 300 nm. This powertrain will now be released unnecessary in the station. Ford promises consumption values between 4.2 (sedan) and 4.4 liters (tournament) to 100 kilometers. The lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 1.4 kWh and is only charged via recuperation. The electric motor should relieve the gasoline engine when accelerating, as the sole drive he is not intended. Short distances with a very small load can still be purified purely electrically.

In the test four years ago, despite the considerable system performance, the Mondeo Hybrid showed itself as a comfortable glider, which is loose in everyday life with just more than 5 liters. Anyone who sees the station wagon with hybrid predominantly for transporting bulky leprechae could be destroyed. The trunk volume of the Mondeo tournament with gasoline or diesel is 525 liters, in the hybrid there are still 403. To put this in the ratio: these are 33 liters more than an Opel Astra (Test). A slightly short VW Passat Gte Variant (Test), which has a much coarse battery, offers 483 liters. In this respect, it seems a bit optimistic if Ford ames that the hybrid is playing around 50 percent of the Mondeo sales.

A success model?

Especially since the hybrid is no snap through the coupling to a very extensive standard equipment. At least 41.000 Euro should cost the combi with the limousine with hybrid drive at least 39.850 euros. Again, for the classification a comparison with the competition: a Kia Optima Sportswagon Hybrid (Test) costs at least 42.190 euros, a VW Passat Variant Gte 45.250 euro. Both are plug-in hybrids, with a corresponding everyday scenario so without gasoline – the Mondeo hybrid never.

With the review, Ford also offers a new two-liter diesel offered with 120, 150 and 190 hp. The two stronger executions are also available with a new eight-speed automatic, which is served via a knob. For the 190-hp diesel, Ford alternatively also offers a four-wheel drive. All of these engines have a SCR cat, thus fulfill the exhaust standard Euro 6D-Temp, which will be binding on September 2019 for all cars approved for the first time in the EU. The otherwise the otherwise unchanged 1.5-liter gasoline engine with 165 hp.

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