Presentation: ducati panigale v4 r

Presentation: ducati panigale v4 r

Thanks to the Panigale V4 R, Ducati can look forward to the next Superbike World Cup. The buyers of the series machine can be certain that they move one of the most exclusive motorcycles in the world.

Basically, it was enough to provide only performance and weight to make sports fans sink into awe: The Ducati Panigale V4 R has 221 hp and weighs dry only 172 kilograms. This results in a power weight of 1.28 hp per kg. Even with all driving flowers, it comes to only 193 kg. With racing kit, Ducati boosts the power to 234 hp and lowers dry weight to 165.5 kilograms – makes 1.41 hp per kg. These are values with which you had to win MotoGP races before not too long ago. Mind you: the Panigale V4R is free selling for 39.900 euros.

MotoGP technology

After Ducati has presented its first standard Maby V4 motor (apart from the special model Desmosedici Rr) in the Panigale V4 with 1103 cm3, it was clear that an even more sharp version was followed with a liter of displacement, because four-cylinder can be used in the Superbike World Cup According to regulations of the highest 1000 cm3 rough. The clear development goal of the Panigale V4 R was: Profit of the Superbike World Cup. This prestigious title Holted Ducati already 14 times, but the last lies long for a long time, it was in 2011 with Carlos Checa in the saddle.

Against the overhead of the four-cylinder, the two-cylinder Ducati 1199 Panigale R simply no longer arrived, even though Chaz Davis in the last seasons always brave strikes and also a few running wins import. Ergo Ducati had to give up his sacred V2 engine and swing on a V4. For the Gluck, the brand from Bologna had collected abundant experience with the concept in the MotoGP and remain in the new serial engine. Thus, the crankshaft turns ruckwarts and the 70-degree engine engine generates a twin-pulse ignition sequence (known as "Big Bang"), which brings better dosing, important when accelerating at the curve outcome.

Speed limiter at 16.500 / min

Ducati reduced the stroke of the "Desmosedici Stradale R" engine to 48.4 mm, but kept the bore of 81 mm. The result is 998 cm3, then Ducati builds Greater and variable throttle corners. His highest performance reaches DESMOSEDICI Stradale R at 15.250 / min (V4 with 1103 cm3: 214 hp at 13.000 / min), the speed limiter allowed 16.000 / min, in sixth gear even 16.500 / min. However, the maximum torque of 112 nm is 12 nm below that of the 1199er and only at 11.500 / min, instead of 10.000 / min.

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