Presentation: bmw x7

Presentation: bmw x7

BMW introduces the top model of the X series. From Marz 2019, the two-meter width and 1.80 m high colossom is delivered to BMW customers in Europe, which an X5 appears too small. The luxury rail X7 is 22 cm long than the X5. Traditionally, BMW calls its SUV SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle), which is probably your expression of brand core marketing mabig.

Proudly, the press kit points out that it has succeeded in the BMW designers who hide a few millimeters narrower front than the X5 behind the coarse BMW kidney of the brand history. Skeptics and Alt-BMW friends could easily discover a disturbing legality based on the youngest BMW model policy: the gross kidney, the fewer BMW brand core can be found in the product behind it. Main markets for the Giant SUV were allowed to be the US and China. The American production site Spartanburg in South Carolina was already favorable in front of Trump’s trade attacks in relation to the People’s Republic.

No fig leaf

A furstly range on standard-maby three rows of seats, the sheer superior luxury and potent series six-cylinder engines with overworked four-wheel drive point the X7 as a luxury cruiser with all-inclusive mentality. Alternative drives are not found for the time being in the comprehensive price list – not even a mild hybridization to make the potent burners a little more efficient. The balancing bred hold in this regard only old thinking for the "new world" ready. The brand gives the opportunity to recover the truly voluminous car at least on a figure leader in the form of a hybrid drive.

In Europe, the X7 will start with three three-liter series sight cylinders. Two diesel numbers, the Biturbo XDrive30d with 265 hp and the M50D with four-time turbocharging and 400 hp. The latter we could experience extensively in the BMW M550D (Test) and learn skats. The entry-level model XDRIVE30D was allowed to make the gros of the orders in Europe. Thus, the X7 accelerates in 7 s to 100 km / h, offers 620 nm highest torque and consumes in the WLTP in the face of vehicle grooves moderate 6.5 to 6.8 liters.

No V8 for Europe

The only gasoline in Europe will be the 340 hp XDRIVE40i, which is equipped with the well-known Biturbo Servers Cylinder, which is attracted by almost all rear-wheel-driven BMW model rows above the UKL platform. BMW for the less environmentally sensitive market auxiliaries also providing a prestigious V8. The X7 XDRIVE50i with 4.5-liter biturbo makes 462 hp, 650 nm accelerates the lifestyle delivery van in 5.4 s to 100 km / h and consumes 11.4 liters in WLTP.

Off the right of the strain?

All motors are combined with the preserved eight-speed automation of ZF and the latest expansion stage of the four-wheel drive XDrive. New is an optional electronically networked differential lock on the rear axle (M SportsDifferential), which should make better curving dynamics. Despite the high vehicle weight, so little understeer should be laceable in narrow curves. Also in the grand country, the X7 should be considered at the X5, although this promise was allowed to interest only a small part of the clientele. For this purpose, the serial air suspension contributes, which the vehicle can raise a maximum of 40 mm against the normal position. In an optional off-road package, off-road driving modes are also included in snow, sand, gravel and rocks, as they are known for example from country rover vehicles.

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