Presentation: bmw m8 competition

Presentation: bmw m8 competition

So far, the M GmbH found with its Granturismo Top Models 3.0 CSL (E9, from 1971), M 635 CSI (E24, from 1984), 850 CSI (E31, from 1992), M6 (as E63 from 2005 and F13 from 2012 to 2018) Although there are always many admiring fans and the old models were searched classics. The new car buyers mostly went on number safely and ordered a Porsche 911. Even heavier became the location of the Big M through the generation of generation abruptly rising all-round properties of the elf. He became increasingly to the Granturismo, without his athletic competence to neglect.

Luxury at M

The motorsport people from BMW know who they have in the sights when they leave their new top model M8 with a superlative cascade from the stack. The strongest engine ever developed ever drives the M8. In Germany, the 625 hp competition variants of M8 and M8 Cabriolet are consecutively consecutively, there are also one of 25 hp more "entry-level version". In addition, the leaflet claims that the M8 was the first luxury automobile of M GmbH. The marketing department thus drops at least the 850 CSI with zwolfzylinder under the table. BMW attaches great importance to that with M8 (G15), respectively M8 Cabriolet (G14), not only a successor of the M6 coupes resp. Cabriolets (F13 or. F12) is presented, but significantly more.

Strongest M-BMW

The 4,4-liter V8 biturbo is just one element of the new "Think Big" model of the M GmbH. With 750 nm maximum torque of 1800 to 5800 / min (competition) and a maximum speed of 7200 / min, he shows what he wants. Souverane power development for superstructure drive comfort should be connected to a sporty high speed concept. Where the speed tip in favor of the torque plateaus moderate-based. This could be considered a conscious constitent to comfort and travel. With 3.2 s or. At the cabriolet 3.3 s, the motor increases the two M8 to 100 km / h as soon as possible as no series BMW before. The coupe weighs ready for EU standard 1960 kg. The cabriolet brings it to 2085 kg. Easily BMW does not make the models definitely.

Racing Technology from the M8 GTE

At the Competition Model special value was placed on a tight engine storage, it is called in the press kit. The wheel deposition was optimized for immediate power transmission and spontaneous indent behavior. The serious ambitions of the M8 also show the Kuhlsystem and the Oluse Size of the M8. From the separate motorol and gear solkooler as well as additional electric water pump for turbocharger compacting according to the engine turned off, the M8 should benefit both in urban case traffic and on the racetrack. The elaborate lubrication with a separately controlled front sump should also provide safe oloupers supply even with extreme driving manorers. For many of these sports design features state of long-distance racing carriage M8 Gte.

Adjustable brake pedal chill

Particularly clear is the effort to bring together sportiness and comfort. So far, for M models, the policy, sportiness is deliberately to emphasize at the expense of everyday use and comfort, is more emphasized on the remaining comfort at the M8. An example of the spaghat the M GmbH tries is the new integrated brake system with M-specific configuration option. Since the brake prere is exhausted via an electric actuator, the driver has the possibility to elect between the two characteristics "Comfort" and "Sport" for pedal firing. The braking performance of the standard maby M-Verbundbremsen and the optional M carbon ceramic brake were allowed to cope with the power of the V8-biturbo. However, we are here in an environment of technology carriers in which M GmbH could not always score with their braking services.

Four-wheel drive with rear wheel drive properties

To bring the force to the ground helps the four-wheel drive known from the M5 "M X-Drive", The via the electronically controlled slat coupling of the distributor gear continuously varied from the driving dynamic normal case of the 100 percent rear wheel drive at slippage up to a maximum of 50 percent front wheel drive. In addition, the differential distributes the drive torque as required between the two rear rades. BMW calls the "Active M-Differential". The aim of the four-wheel drive is to provide the driving vessel of a perfectly balanced standard drive without having the driver in the border area with the power of the Biturbo V8 alone. The pilot can elect the extent to which dynamic aids and four-wheel drive should come to help. Until the pure rear wheel mode with completely deactivated DSC, which should actually only be allowed for Konner on the racetrack

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