Presentation: bmw m2 cs

Presentation: bmw m2 cs

The BMW-M-GmbH is still one on the M2 and sets the 450 hp strong and 95.000 Euro expensive M2 CS (Club Sport). The CS models, which there are also from M4 or M3, are positioned above the competition versions and only in limited stuck counts. They should also serve as a basis for motorsport activities. Based on the M2 CS, it will give from 2020 a club sport race car called M2 CS Racing. Until then, the M2 CS remains the hot M2 and with 40 hp more power towards the M2 Competition one of the current BMW with manual transmission.

The seven-speed double-clutch transmission M DKG known from M3, M4 and M5 is only desired for additional charge. The manual transmission brings disadvantages with acceleration and consumption. With 4.2 s, the M2 CS thus needs 0.2 s later to reach the 100 km / h mark. In addition, the hand-switched M2 CS in the NEFZ consumes 0.8 liters more than the M2 CS indicated 9.4 to 9.6 liters with M DKG. For the Competition version, the hand-switched model was very popular despite objective disadvantages. It is well received by the puristic, snorkel sportiness of the M2 very much.

Race tracks optimized

In M2 CS, this sportiness was worked out even more. Cystic cap and roof from CFRP reduce the total weight and optimize the focus. The CS is the first M2 version equipped with the adaptive suspension from the M4. In conjunction with the active M differential at the rear axle, much of the 450 hp and 550 nm of the six-cylinder biturbomotor should come onto the strain or better racetrack. The seriously motorsporting ambitions also documents the serial CUP tires on particularly light 19-inch rims. Only on request will the M2 CS be delivered with everyday suitable tires.

Also by numerous carbonane components such as the diffuser and the "Gurney" tailbriss edge, others serve lightweight construction and contact prere at the same time. A cathedral strut from carbon in the engine compartment promises even more dynamic base compared to the already a very dynamic basis. The M-Sportbremse received increased slices to become the new momentum Lord. Carbon ceramic sports brakes are optional.

Also inside: carbon insignia

In the interior, compared to the Competition model mainly fall the center console and the door handle cover from carbon. Serial mab are the excellent sports seat already known from the competition. Here you are black with leather and Alcantara designed and provided with red ornamental seam. On request, the sports steering wheel can be ordered in a version with a grippy alcant array and red Zwolf watch marker.

In the sights: Cayman GT4

The BMW M2 CS aims pretty precisely to overrummen the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 (420 hp suction motor, 420 nm torque). Whether he can achieve fascination, driving dynamics and lanes of nominally weaker porsches, still remains to find out. However, both small sports cars convey a naive love of motorsport. You certainly have fallen from the time and will probably respond the target group anyway.

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