Presentation: bmw 6er gt

Presentation: bmw 6er gt

The BMW 5er GT (F07) came 2009 and was as innovative with his mix of van, coupe and luxury sedan as well as unsuccessful. At all neutrativeity: As a athetic highlight of the BMW model history, he was never referred. Now BMW introduces his successor. He now has 6 GT and is highly positioned. The design department is now looking for salvation in the long. The body has become 21 millimeters lower and 87 mm long. The 6 GT measures so impressive 5097 mm. This should give him dynamically stretched proportions. At least he does not want to look quite as chubby like the 5er GT. The wheelbase remained identical.

Unusual combination

You can not measure the GT series of BMW according to the extensive mabs. Finally, these vehicles want to unify opposed properties in itself. Such a GT, as BMW defines, should combine variability and space on Van level, asthetics of a coupe and the ride comfort of a luxury sedan. The new family six uses the limits of applied geometry. The seating position should continue to be SUV-like high, despite the 21mm lower silhouette and the headroom is not to be reduced, but slightly increased.

More utility value.

BMW promises that the dynamic appreciation for 6 GT is not bought by incisions in variability and value value. On the contrary: The trunk now holds 610 liters in normal position. This is a volume increase of 110 liters. When folded back seats are now 1800 liters available (plus 100 liters). The storage space was 185 mm long and 25 mm wide. The loading edge was lowered by 5 cm.

Unlike the 5 GT, there is no longer the elaborately divided tailgate. The coarse flap is standard-maby electrically. For the stock, as already at the 5er GT, an electrical backrest adjustment. Three child seats can be attached next to each other. According to BMW, the head of the head was also improved despite the lower roof lane. BMW calls the "intelligent packaging". This also belongs that the vehicle weight could be reduced by up to 150 kg compared to the 520 kg by elaborate lightweight construction.

More driving dynamics

The high grading to the six should be noticeable in driving dynamics and long-distance comfort. The flower palette starts at 258 hp 630i GT with two-liter four-cylinder gasoline. Daruber ranked the series six-cylinder turbo with three liters displacement and 340 hp (640i). The only diesel is currently the well-known three-liter series six cylinder 630d with 265 hp. The two six-cylinder models are optionally with the four-wheel drive XDRIVE consists.

Elaborate chassis options

A rear axle air suspension is standard mabig. An air suspension for all four raders incl. Wank stabilization, adaptive steamer as well as integral activity control can increase driving dynamics and comfort for abundant additional money. About the driving program "Adaptive" The chassis can also access the navigation data to adjust the setting of springs, steam and steering characteristic of the desired route.

Latest ConnectedDrive Generation

In the area of networked infotainment and assistance systems, the new 6 Series GT offers everything that is known from the current 5er. For example, it can be parking remotely controlled and sends an SMS so you get in time to reach his appointment. Over the display key, the tank filler can be displayed or whether windows, doors or sunroof are closed. Also a three-dimensional image of the vehicle and the environment is available on the optional surround cameras on the display lock. The prices for the BMW 6 Series are not yet known, but were able to narrow down well above the 5er tariffs.

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