Presentation: bmw 5er touring

Presentation: bmw 5er touring

In view of the SUV swamp and the simple fact that kombis only in Western Europe have a coarse market share, many could be inclined to predict this vehicle class a sooner end. The goods, however, a pity, because a well-made station wagon still has his charm. That may probably apply to the next 5er touring, the BMW introduces now. As with the sedan, however, it becomes clear that the times of gross progress are over, even if BMW are successful in detail lane improvements.

Less filigree

Optically, the new 5er touring is based on his process. He does not affect the first pictures quite as filigree as the previous model. The luminaires are much larger and roughly drawn as before, which raises the 5er at least for the time being strong out of the crowd. This impression may have stable that for the first pictures a model with the M-Sport package was painted. Whether the new is schooner than the old one, everyone may judge alone. The baseline loving BMW almost untouched, which is not a mistake in our view.

No inner giant

The previous model was not a master in at least one point. Despite Peppy Aubesabmen, the space was not just overwalling. The legroom behind was rather scarce, especially when the expensive comfort seats were installed. The new touring is a total of 36 mm long, the wheelbase grew by whole 7 mm. In order to counteract the known criticism, the leaning of the front seats were added slightly Dunner. So BMW is allowed to write fully and correctly, there is "more head, shoulder and legroom on all bursts". Of course, the truth was also allowed to continue to be obvious: Whoever needs a lot of space, is not first-class served with a 5er. The trunk grew in the ten to now 570 liters, a maximum of 1700 liters – an increase of 30 liters. Small comfort: The payload rose by up to 120 kilograms and is now at a maximum of 730 kg.

Progress promises BMW especially in weight and comfort. So the curb weight should have fallen by up to 100 kilograms. At the limousine, this was noticeable at a first short exit with a lane plus by handiness. The new is to be clearly overriding his transaction as far as amused comfort. This also applies to the series circumference: unlike so far, LED headlights and a navigation system are available at no extra charge. Extra will continue to be charged adaptive light and various assistants. In one point, BMW has remained faithful anyway: also supposed little things like seat heating, parking aid or digital radio (DAB +) calculates BMW additional. The bottom line is once again a significant sum of things that other manufacturers already install a class under standard.

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