Preparation for the state of exception

Like the home protection ministry with the help of church groupings and Scientology the "Emergency" sample.

According to the American news channel KSLA 12 News, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), a subunit of the Department of Homeland Security, has begun to build so-called "Clergy Response Teams". In the case of worshiping the state of emergency or. of war law after a B – or C-weapon attack on U.S. Territory had the "volunteering troops", consisting of pastors and other representatives of ecclesiastical groups, then the task of appealing the "obedience" of the population to the government, so as to allow the enforcement of state compulsory measures such as the disarming of the population.

Background of the project is the failure of the FEMA at disaster relief during the hurricane Katrina 2005. Although the federal federal doctors received support from the National Guard and local police force, the organization had a large amount of Muhe, which in the course of the state of exception was to enforce prescribed weapons forecloses and foreclayers against the population.

Direct consequence of failed disaster management was the adoption of the Post Katrina Act, which considerably extends the competences of the FEMA in future disasters and in the case of the state of war. Together with the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act, who picks up the Poster Comitatus Act of 1878 and thus the use of the militar in the interior now also in a legal manner, he forms the new legal basis of the FEMA.

The government agencies entrusted with the recruiting program were not available to a comment against Telepolis. But otherwise it speaks a lot for such a program that exists.

The most interesting in view of the truth of the KSLA 12 News Report is the study published in December 2006 by Homeland Security Institute (HSI) "Heralding Unheard Voices: The Role of Faith-Based Organizations and Nongovernmental Organizations During Disasters". The aim of the study, which was also written by Susan Taylor, a representative of the Scientology Church, in addition to experts, a representative of Scientology Church, was to "learn about the experience of ecclesiastical groups and NGOs, to recognize their role in the vendor of national disasters and to provide the Department of Homeland Security Know How to make the government easier to work more effective in the future."

The suspicion of instrumentalization of church groups for government purposes is thus close, especially as the study relies on top of that a recommendation, after which the government should be reviewed, to what extent FBOS and NGOs can be used in planning, coordination and volunteer recruitment.

In addition to the FEMA and the Homeland Security Institute, there are still a number of other institutions and actors who deal with the "emergency experts" religious groups. Value is mainly the "National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster" program (Nvoad), whose national director is again the Scientologist Susan Taylor.

First "Clergy Response Teams" have already formed and their training program recorded, such as reading on the website of the small town Fairfield in Ohio. Which biblical sites could be used for the respective exceptional situation, betrayed a passed document titled "Pastoral Crisis Intervention", which was published by the Seventh Tag Adventists.

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