Pre-series ride in vw arteon

Pre-series ride in vw arteon

At VW you have learned from defeats of past years. The idea of packaging a golf a little noble and then to distribute as bora to a permanent audience, was not successful. Especially in relation to the station wagon, most preferably grabbed the somewhat chanting golf. With the VW Passat and its offshoot CC, things are a little more difficult. And so amazes only at first glance that VW brings a successor to the market in the coming year in the coming year. That’s what Arteon is then. First impressions from him delivers a small exit with prototypes in Sudafrika.

Two steps

Those who only look at the German market could quickly reach the question in terms of VW, why the Passat is still offered as a stepheck and with gasoline. In Western Europe, on the other hand, the gasoline content is so far below 20 percent, the step heat at less than ten. In addition, there are its own Passat offshoot on the coarse market China and the US to better meet the respective preferences. So language so much for sale, no passat’s lens to sell more. Why there has been two offers in this class for years, it’s easy to answer: Because globally saw the models with a stepheck sell better than the combination favored in Western Europe.

Demarcation attempt

This time it will, at least according to all what is known, give a stronger demarcation between the current Passat and the CC successor Arteon. With a long from 4.86 m he survives the Passat and his transaction clearly. The five inches more wheelbase compared to the Passat makes not only pleasantly noticeable for the fund passengers who have more space. The suspension comfort also becomes clear and the high level is very low even on the bad strain in Sudafrika. Both successfully contributes to withdrawing from the good passat. The technical basis is the same with the same, but one has changed much in detail, ared VW.

A laceable demarcation will also be necessary, because the product car restoration could otherwise not be easy. The Arteon is sure to be slightly more elegant than the starting point, whereby the Hurde is not too high for that. Technically, it gets a bit more difficult, because VW has at least now nothing worthwhile in stock, which can be deeds the Passat in the medium term. Adaptive LED headlights, digital instrument instrument, head-up display – everything already in passat today. The latest infotainment generation with a 9.2-inch display, just presented in the overworked golf, will move there in the course of the year.

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