Potemkinsche dorfer in afghanistan

To remove quickly, the western states can occur a lot, which corresponds to more communist 5-year planes than a realistic planning

In London, they came together, the Lander, who wanted to bring back from Afghanistan potentially. And they have bolted new tarpaulins who appear little new. Namely "Afghanization", So that Afghan government, Afghan police and Afghan militar ensure safety in the country and for stability – in 2010, the first provinces are to be controlled by the Afghan government. Criteria for it symptomatically not developed.

However, the problem is not only that there are too few soldiers and policemen, there is not a nationwide accepted central government. And those who are there is corrupt from top to bottom (millions for corruption). It depends on the fact that more money is pumped into the system that can be distributed because drugs, ways and bribes for the system content are not enough. And for what should Afghan policemen and soldiers be fighting and dying if there is no reasonable legal order and so many people have no income? If you are supposed to fight that foreign soldiers are finally going to make the criminal, corrupt and warlords (Afghans have no interest more to become a policeman)?

If the policemen, the main terminal target of the Taliban, do not take place, just leave the service, sometimes switch to the other side over. Even with hundreds of structures, it does not let an ordered police station out of the police if the social conditions are not available. Hundreds of thousands of policemen and soldiers who are to provide for okay, not for their corrupt bosses, one now wants to produce the flowing band – until October to the next year 171.600 Afghan soldiers and 134.000 Policemen the peeling western soldiers strongly. That sounds like communist planning goal, so little to realitat (the Afghan ghost army). Now there is about more than 90.000 soldiers and 80.000 Policemen, the latter life not only dangerous, but are also badly paid.

The alternative to the Karzai regime is without the buffer of the Western probably again the Taliban rule – as before. In chaotic ratios of Failed States, currently also to be seen in Somalia, people also take religious and ideologically grounded repression when only security prevails and somehow a daily life is possible.

Oh, and then all, Westerwelle and Karzai are trapped, now finally the "mourned" Taliban stretch out her hand and lure them – with money (350 million euros, from Germany briached 50 million) and participation in power. One step after waiting, under Bush – and also Merkel – was that namely, it was upgraded. However, under the hand, of course, have taken place again and again. The Taliban are not convinced, they see that Karzai depends on the western troops, which in turn should be deducted from their governments possible quickly quickly. So you can wait and do not have to compromise, unless they get too hard and distributed, which is the strategy of the Obama government. Now at least the Taliban say to the outstretched hand with the money: No thanks!

It remains unclear above all how the civil reconstruction in Afghanistan is expected. Despite nine-year-old crew and billion-dousy help, Afghanistan continues to be one of the poor countries of the earth. Karzai once again promised the evolving of corruption. This will really believe him, even in Afghanistan, people do not contribute to him. I probably had to make a restart from the eternal compromise according to the problems with the last elections, which was amed that the western made actually explicitly occur as occupiers. But you do not want that because it was also the Taliban strong. So you get away from expensive compromise to compromise. Until then you disappear from the Hinduusch, without really having something achieved.

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