Post-war show number 1

In the shadow of the imminent Iraq war, the armed conflict in Colombia always takes a great way, and as in Iraq, it goes here Urole

At about two o’clock in the afternoon, the small career movement disappeared on 13. February of the radars in the Colombian Province of Caqueta. When only half an hour later a so-called search-an-rescue team reached the suspected crash site, it found the wreck of the Cessna 208 Caravan and two corpses. From the three main crew members, each track has been missing since then. Such struts occur again and again in the dense air traffic of Colombia, and so the case was sang- and tailless in the statistics of the aviation residence. But the accident site is located in the territory of the Marxist Guerilla of the Revolutionary Displeasure and the three disappeared crew members are Americans.

When the news agency Ap in the owner of the machine demanded, Ronald B knew. Powers, for whose subsidiaries "One leasing" The machine was registered to give no information. The tenants, he said, had passed discretion. The Colombian daily newspaper "El Tiempo" However, after the crash, under circumstance was a launch, that the four Americans and a Colombian Stateburger had been traveling in a secret US Colombian anti-drug mission. That the manner had no tourist interests, leave a look at the aircraft type. The single-air flyer is used by the army primarily for air monitoring, because the machines can easily be tank against floor-bombardment and offer space for small on-board protection.

The case again jerks the US commitment in the armed conflict of Colombia to the visor of the public. About a year ago, the Prasident Alvaro Uribe Velez, from the extreme right and his transaction of Andres Pastrana, have explored the peace process with the FARC Guerrilla (bombs instead of ceasefire). Corresponding talks with the second guerilla group ELn had already been placed on ice before. The consequences for the rival regions, where the conflict is traditionally held, are devastating.

The situation after a year "Militarian option"

The daily newspaper "El Tiempo" Known in a report from the small town of San Vicente de Caguan, the former seat of the FARC: "The military goals of the government seem to have been achieved, the social, economic and political are not". The Central Columbian region is based for her livestock breeding a year after uribes militar offensive economically. The local police has since the 20. February last year 74 dead documented by armed disputes, the dark figure is far high. The attempt to build a factory for processing beef in international cooperation had beaten politically waves almost two years ago. Iranian entrepreneurs were accused of Washington’s support of the Guerilla and the government of the conservative Andres Pastrana was under prere to prevent the project.

The business make others today. In the shadow of the conflict in the Middle East, US commitment has increased again in Colombia. While the Sud American country was still about $ 215 million US military aid in 2001, it was nearly $ 370 million last year. After so far known numbers, this help is almost half a billion dollars for the Colombian army and police until the end of this year. The Lowenant part comes from a package that US Prassident George W. Bush for the evasion of the drug cultivation in the Andean region of US Congress. It contains $ 98 million, which are explicitly used for the training of special units of the Colombian Army.

While the Clinton Administration still encountered the protests of social organizations against US Help for Colombia with the argument that these funds were not used in the political conflict, but has been used for the evidence of drug cultivation alone, thus has a danger and open shift since then to the military level found. More and more is the US Sudkommando, the Vanguard of the North American Army of the Rio Bravo, is involved in the armed and primary social conflict of Colombia.

Less US Army, more US companies

About the personnel commitment, the US militar consider as far as possible. The only official indication comes from a spokesman for the Sudkommandos of February last year. Accordingly, 250 US militars were stationed at Colombia at that time, 50 civilian stood consultants on the Washington salary list. In addition, according to the Army Precher, one hundred civilian consultants should have been tentative in military projects. The numbers given by experts are far high, but do not exceed the number of 800 people. During 2001, there were still 500 army-hearted at the time, it is currently only the half. The help of Washington’s endeavored directly civil-military organizations based in the United States.

On their salary list, the FUF crew members of the unearth defined Cessna were also allowed. It was not surprising that after the first reports, the US Dyncorp, as well as the US military company Dyncorp, was struggling to connect to the Funf Manners. The reason for this is simple: should the reports out "El Tiempo" Provakements, for the first time in the history of armed conflict, three CIA-procured in the hands of the guerrilla. There is also a functional FARC units that are cut from the Colombian army and operated in the region. It is called: "We have them! How did they!"

Two reasons are based on the increasing commitment of private militars. On the one hand, the US commitment against cultivation of drug plants in Sudamerika is a continuous domestic ie, on the other hand, the Senate has addressed the use of US militar to 500 men, a maximum of 300 civilians can be conducted in official missions. The way out was found quickly. Thus, a contract between the US and Ecuador in 1999 the military company Dyncorp (cf. Even private arms in gold grapermission) A use of US military objects in the Andes state. The contract has a sample character, because in recent years, a true network of private and official US militars has grown around and in Colombia.

If the requirements of the US Senate are circumvented so, the war can be promoted further. An illusion is, thereby the negative political consequences for Washington in the "Vietnamized" Turn the conflict of Colombia. While the military assistance on the one hand is becoming more open to the so-called fraternablishment, the FARC has explained to seek US institutions and conflict involved Americans as legitimate military goals. If the three crew members be in the hands of the guerrilla, this threat is now realitat and Washington under Voltwang.

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