Poroshenko: “we fight against foreign soldner”

Poroshenko:'wir kampfen gegen auslandische soldner'

Lie "proofs" For artillery fire from Russia, the conflict in the Eastern Ukraine should be pointed to war between Russia and Ukraine

The Dutch policemen who should help to secure unarmed the crash office of MH17, as well as international experts have come to Donetsk only and had to reverse the heavy struggle between separatists and Ukrainian quarrels. Nothing were not all the corpses and body parts, even the forensic examination has barely started.

Poroshenko:'wir kampfen gegen auslandische soldner'

Poroshenko visited the National Guard on Saturday in uniform. Image: President.gov.among others

OSCE Observers reported that wreckage has been moved and luggage-up had been searched. The Malaysian head of government Najib Razak has concluded an agreement with the separatists with the separatists, that international police can secure the crash site. First examinations of the black box point to a shooting, reports CBS.

Actually, the Ukrainian prasident had promised to maintain a truce in a radius by 40 km. But that is no longer valid now, the Ukrainian quarrels are trying to take the aft site controlled by separatist militias. But this has the effect that the further investigation and the salvage of the corpses are hampered. Is that possible purpose of the surprising attack? He should, of course, also meant that faresome damage could arise on the ahead of the ahead, which were difficult for the forensic investigation.

On Saturday, Poroshenko had explained when visiting the National Guard, they have now created a new army. And he gave to understand that he is not the struggle in the Eastern Ukraine as "internal conflict" Considered:

Ukraine defends her territory against foreign Soldner.

He realizes again that Russia is to be drawn in the conflict after the calculus, while he negates that many Ukrainians are also on pages of the separatists and support them. There is obviously interest in Kiev to make the conflict in Ukraine to war to bring the West even strongly behind, to overcome the sanctions and to receive military assistance.

Especially the US government plays with or delivers the script. Apparently, the US intelligence services have no further "proofs" as the talking about the Ukrainian intelligence service and released on social networks. Russia and Ukraine also have been accusing for days against each other that with artillery over the border is shot into the other country. The premieges were serious and could serve to further adhere to the conflict and to make a war between Russia and Ukraine.

Kiev also raises Russia to have shot down at least one of the fighter aircraft of Russian ground. The US government has placed behind the Ukrainian premieges and has also explained that more Russian crowds were stationed on the border and that more heavy weapons are delivered to the separatists. So the separatists should also receive tornado multi-missile systems (BM-30) with a range of 70 km. In the ranks of the separatists, especially at their top, should always find more Russians, reports Reuters. Russia, so the reproach by US government and intelligence management, now reach directly into the struggle.

Poroshenko:'wir kampfen gegen auslandische soldner'

For the first time, Satellite recordings were presented for the first time from the US intelligence agencies and prove that Russia is actually shot. The blurred recordings that are not from a US spy satellite, but from the digital-globe satellite, probably not to be betrayed, should not be added between Wednesday and Saturday and show the firing of multiple rocket launchers and the goals in the Ukraine were shot. Of course, that only sees only knowledgeable eyes, when exactly the bombardment took place is not specified.

On the recording of 25./ 26. July is supposed to recognize the impact crater on the Ukrainian side and on the Russian side. And there is a recording that should show how multiple rocket launchers of the separatist positions of the Ukrainian quarrel. At the same time they should prove that they had been handed over by Russia the separatists, which can not emerge from recording, however,. US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, who published the recordings on Twitter, explains:

Imagery: Evidence Russian Forces Have Fired Across Border at Ukr Forces, and Separatists Have Used Artillery Provided by Russia in Attacks.

Poroshenko:'wir kampfen gegen auslandische soldner'

It is once again a compilation of the sanctions on the part of the US government, which is used by the EU, which urges the EU, again. Obviously, EU governments have agreed not to be sanctions against whole sectors, as the mirror reports:

According to diplomats, the planned sanctions relate, among other things, the access of Russia to European financial markets as well as trade in rusts of the rust, key technologies, especially for the energy sector and with guards who also have a civilian benefit also a military. According to information from Reuters, the Council Chairman Herman van Rompuy suggests the EU Member States that the equipment for the olf demand should pay for possible sanctions, technology for the gas requirement should be except.

Minister of Economic Affairs Gabriel has already announced that no rusts of Russia are to be delivered to Russia and raises coefficitism and France, which are still doing this.

Meanwhile, Russia claims that there is a mass-like flag flight of Ukrainian soldiers who no longer want to fight and back their heavy weapons such as tanks or degrees multiple rackets. The information comes from a hacker group CyberberKut, which wants to hack the email account of a Ukrainian officer and publish documents from it. Allegedly, yesterday, more than 40 Ukrainian soldiers should be fled to Russia, because they "no longer against their own people" staple.

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