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The legislator given it, the legislator has taken it: people were after budgetary situation

Since 1. January this year, it is: That law, which delimits the services for Hartz IV receptionist sensitive, is in force. So now the parental allowance as well as the so-called "Temporary surcharge" Weg, which had cushioned the case down for two years on a social assistance level. In combination, this means less than 400 euros less. The contributions for the pension insurance are also deleted. Still in the suspension, however, the increase of the rulesets remain a five euro and support for children in the cultural field, the so-called educational package.

Here, the Federal Council must agree and government and opposition are currently negotiating details of the law on Hartz IV reform, which by the saying of the Federal Scarf Court of 9. February 2010 becomes more transparency of the control benefits necessary. But the Gearre in the Bundesrat around Funf Euro or from the fact that the facts concealed that the social security of around seven million people in Germany has become the game ball of politics.

Hartz IV is not only so complicated that often only experts, let alone those affected burger, know each other. The law has been sometimes managed since the entry into force, that the originary catch is coarse part of the vacuum. This has less to do with the episis of paragraphs to the reality than that Hartz IV is a political project that serves, for example, disciplining unemployed. In this political dimension, there is certainly (still) always in Germany (still) to the foundations of the Basic Law, which was based on man, to which the judgment of the Federal Scarf Court expressly refers to. But these people were defined in practiced policies depending on the budgetary situation, election dates and ideological coarse weather situation. The savings in parental allowance, retirement and temporary surcharge, for example, are the reciprocal side of the billions to Euro for the bankrupt banks.

When Hartz IV was introduced, one often had nothing else to copy other than templates from the Anglo-Sachsian countries. the "Reforms in the labor market" like case management, tensment of the reference times, sanctions as well as overhead "Work sets you free"-You could already study ideology in the 1990s in the United Kingdom. So because what is going on and practiced beyond the army channel today, later can be on the program, a look at the local discussions around the welfare state is useful.

Thus, in London, Iain Duncan Smith, Labor Ministers of the Conservative Liberal Government Coalition, is currently concerning the Six billion-pound pound course of the conservative-liberal government coalition "serious cuts" In the social network, which were ever talked about by a British government, the British daily newspaper "The Guardian". The new social policy is based on proposing a Think Thanks Grounded by Smith by 2004 with the Orwell’s name center for social justice. Their policy advice revolves around the fetish work at almost every price as a congestion from unemployment and poverty.

Well, although it is correct that the absence of a labor income (previously) usually was the cause of poverty. But in conservative / neoliberal view, it becomes again like in 19. Century, above all, a moral problem of those affected, which had to be forced to be in the devil in the (not yet existing) workplaces. the "Social policy for the 21. century", The in a paper entitled Universal Credit. Welfare That Works was published last November, is only a further radicalization of the fraghous policy of the "Challenge and demand", as they have already operated the British and German Social Democrats.

According to the ideas of the British government, the best possible art is to be divided into four groups, each of which special thumbs up screws are assigned. While one generally returns the Burocracy and the social administration wants to slip, the punishment system becomes increasingly bulleted. Who is not seamlessly seamlessly in the actions of work procurement such as municipal work, availability and "Self-initiative" Fugt, the assistance should be deleted to the support for up to three years. In the future, the disabled and single parents should be available to the labor market at least hourly.

The views to the Great Britain discloses the possibilities as the welfare state can continue to be able to change to a compulsion and punishment system of managing unemployment and as the basic security of millions of people is subject to political calculus. But whether in Germany the Basic Law with its primacy of the person was able to advancil to which a bar can not be ensured. The current federal government sets this, for example, with the living conditions of the lower 15 percent of the population, after income, equal. However, this is a purely statistical and no content value.

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