Poland drives judicial reform

Poland drives judicial reform

The weak protests will not stop the government, is to be expected that the prasident will no longer block legal novels

"If you have to go to court, you sitting a political official opposite and then you have no chance." With these words, this week described the consequences of a coming justice reform in Poland at a Warsaw Conference of 28 non-governmental organizations of the Jura Professor Marcin Matczak.

The organization had called for protests. On Friday night, the opponents of the reform demonstrated under the motto "Free dishes, free elections, free Poland" in Warsaw in front of the Prasident Palace and around 100 other city.

According to police, 1500 demonstrators were traveling in Warsaw, the liberal media speaking of 10.000. Anyway too little to the ruling party "Law and justice" (PIS) to impress. This is currently involved in the implementation of two controversial lawnovals, which were blocked by state president Andrzej Duda in July with a Veto. Father the head of state reached his own design afterwards.

In the last week, after a four-month break, the trial in heated parliament meetings was further guided further. On Friday, the SEJM decided to transfer the chance of change in the Prasident to a Parliamentary Committee.

One of the novellas obtains the resolution of the "Local court" (KRS) in his previous occupation. As particularly precar, the 15 judges of the control instance are now determined by the SEJM instead of the "Self-government of the judge". Duda wants to prevail that the 15 judges of the "Landesgerichtrat" with a majority of 3/5 of the Sejm, and not as proposed by the ruling party, by a simple majority of the SEJMS. Should there be no unity, the prasident was decided what he was attributable to himself more than it allowed the penetration. Matczak hold both drafts for evidence, this opinion are also other legal experts.

Another amendment to the PIS allows to exchange the staff of the Supreme Court within 30 days, even though their date is prescribed by the emission. Since the commitment court has already been occupied with pis-close judges and was disrupted by law in its competence, there is no more instance after the head of the Supreme Court, which could control the government.

As a danger, the grip after the Supreme Court also applies, since this instance examines and certified the legalism of elections and referendums. Thus, the PIs could be challenged a lost choice.

Duda suggests all persons released over 65, Alter judges had to apply for their continued existence in the state prosecision and to give the lay judgment more influence. "The acceptance of bad and advancing standards causes Poland to come into the environment of the Kremlin", Borys Budka, the faction leader of the former ruling party "Burger platform" (Po) on Friday in Sejm.

Party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who unofficially dominates the government, was very safe on this important day of his cause. The single and animal lover during the debates in a cat book, what themselves "Arkansas online" with a message derived.

Polish media reports ame that rapidly a new design is to be manufactured, which is finally signed by Andrzej Duda. Poland is confronted by its intervention in the judicial system with a rule of law of the EU Commission. The last consequence threatened in the vote of votes and the delegitune of securities in the art budgets.

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