“Pandemic of narcissism” in the west?

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After a study, people who were born before the fall of the Wall in the West and went to school, narcissistic than East German

In a short-published study, it was explained that young people in North America and Great Britain have been exhibiting a significantly higher compulsion to perfection in recent decades (young people are increasingly tend to perfectionism). Above all, the prere has grown that perfection is required by other people who have to be deserved. The authors drove back to stronger individualization and competition, which are exposed to parents and young people from the neo -Liberal society and economy, but by which the social networks and the ubiquitous compulsory forced to rank and compare themselves.

The change in the Kopf is confirmed by a PLL One study of scientists of the clinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy of the Charite, which are suggestive or provocatively already in the interrelation, whether it is in the western societies one "Epidemic of narcissism" giving. You have the "extraordinary opportunity" took that before reunification in the two German states has also given two different lifestyles. Between 1949 and 1989/1990, in West Germany a rather individualistic and in East Germany a collectiveist culture herred. At present, one experiences the grandiose narcissism at the American prasident. So he seems to have arrived at the top.

Already in other examinations, it has been shown that the narcissism, especially the grandiose narcissism with a strong self-control, has risen sharply in western countries. Thus, significantly more people have been saying decades ago: "I am an important person" or "I’m the biggest". You can also see that in the strong self-related lyrics and the strong role that ferry or reputation in television shows. The self-esteem, which contained with narcissism, is also on the rise. He did not have to occur with the narcissism associated with the narcissism to a surplus feature, a negative association of the other or exploitation.

Was studied at East and West Germans, how their narcissism and self-esteem distinguish. For this purpose, 1025 Germans (343 in the East and 682 born in the west born) aged 18-83 years found on online ads, several psychological tests. With 69 percent, it has been amongwhile women. Representative is not this selection in several ways. In the evaluation was looked after the year of birth and birthplace. When narcissism is between a robust grandiose and a vulnerable difference. The latter is connected to a low self-esteem, the first type with a dominant occurrence and the desire for attention and admiration.

As expected, the West Germans after the tests had a higher narcis dependence than the East Germans who went to school before 1989/1990. In the West German, capitalist culture, especially the grandiose narcissism with the slope for self-controls are present stronger. In the people who were born in the GDR and watering there, however, the self-esteem is stronger than the West Germans. That may irritate that it is happy to ame that people who grow up in a strong collective culture as in Asia is attributed to less self-esteem.

In the people who were not born in 1989 or did not go to school, however, no differences were noticed. This was meant that the culture break was rapid and the Western lifestyle as well as the capitalist economy have prevailed quickly – if the traumatic aftermath of sudden change is only politically conscious,. The most recent were the differences in the generation, which were 6-18 years old at the fall of the Berlin Wall. For those who were 19 years and age at that time, the differences are less pronounced and only when "normal" respectively. to find subliminal narcissism. "Overall, the results of the investigation are talking about the fact that social factors affect the departure of narcissism and self-esteem. Western societies seem to demand increased narcis values in the population", Says prof. Dr. Stefan Ropke. Of course, it remains unclear which factors require the (grandiose) narcis.

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