Pandemic delights displayport 2.0

The products planned in late last year with DisplayPort 2.0 have delay. Although monitors are developed, but could not be tested due to the coronavirus pandemic but not as usual broad. The first DisplayPort-2.0-compliant products should always come to trade this year.

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) has the DisplayPort 2.0 standard already specified in mid-2019. At that time, the VESA expects the market import of corresponding products at the end of 2020. But even the latest graphics cards of the series NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 or AMD Radeon RX 6000 Supports only DisplayPort 1.4a.

DisplayPort 2.0 In principle, functional

DisplayPort 2.0 offers more bandwidth and allows high resolutions up to 16k (15360 × 8460) at 60 Hz. Alternatively, thanks to the high bandwidth, multiple high-resolution displays are switched in series on a cable, about two 8K screens with 120 Hz or three 4K monitors with 90 Hz.

"Monitors with support for DisplayPort 2.0 are currently in development", explained a VESA spokesman against opposite The Verge. DisplayPort 2.0 is functional in new system chips that will be found in 2021 in products.

Commercial tests are missing

The delay of Displayport 2.0 is the coronavirus pandemic owed. Fortunately, hardware developers and engineers meet several times a year in so-called plug test events. Different companies test their systems and their interoperability.

The VESA has not held a plug tests 2020. The development of DisplayPort-2.0-compliant products has been delighted thereby. Now the VESA plans the next kick test in the early year in Taiwan. This should the process be totally.

The VESA also expects 2021 first gates with the "Displayport old fashion 2.0" to be able to deal with. This is part of USB 4 and can control high-resolution monitors via USB-C cable. First, AMD, Intel and Nvidia must introduce graphics cards or chips, the DisplayPort 2.0 support.

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