Overhaul of voicestream by deutsche telekom

FBI and Ministry of Justice are concerned about the protection of national security and see the abnormalities of law enforcement macers

The purchase of the US mobile communications company Voicestream by Telekom is currently being negotiated before the American Regulatory Health Combined Communications Commission (FCC). The transaction should be completed until spat in mid-2001. Problem is currently not only the state of the T-Shares since the beginning of the negotiations (Telekom share price was able to pay voicestream tooth risk). The FBI and the American Ministry of Justice also submitted a joint petition at FCC, because the purchase of the national security dangerous.

The problem therefore ranks that the Telekom is still partly in the possession of the German state, which stops 58 percent of the shares in September 2000. After the supission of Voicestream and PowerTel, which was bought by Voicestream, the German government was holding 44 percent of the shares in the entire company. The company is then an important mobile phone company in the US, which can offer its services almost throughout the country with the Personal Communications Service (PCS) by using the GSM standards.

"Ownership and Control of U.S. Communications Networks Gives A Foreign Government The Capacity to Gain Relately Easy Access to Confidential Information About The Targets of U.S. National Security and Law Enforcement Investigations, The Nature of Those Investigations, And The Sources and Methods Used, AS Well AS Information About The Extent to Which The U.S. Government Is AWare of Foreign Government’s Intelligence Activities."

Statement of MR. Larry R. Parkinson (FBI); Hearing Foreign Government Ownership of American Telecommunications Companies

Without a previously concluded agreement, however, the control of the company by the government of another state is the possibility for the statutory American security authorizations, "to make their obligations to maintain national security, pursue law enforcement and protect the public security." Before the FCC of Deutsche Telekom, transfers the mobile licenses associated with the purchase of voicestream, must only be achieved by the topic of national security, law enforcement and protection of public security.

the "Obligations" the security authorities can, according to FBI and the Ministry of Justice, are only met then when ensured that they continue "Safe and effective by the law authorized electronic monitoring of domestic US calls or can be made by telephone-language, which start or end in the USA." Furthermore, a suspicion of abroad or illegal grounds within the states can be prevented and discovered, otherwise the security of the United States and the privacy of US telecommunications" afford. The provisions for the protection of national infrastructure and the preservation of national security should not be disabled.

Deutsche Telekom, Voicestream and PowerTel had already pledged to delay a corresponding agreement with the law enforcement abercises and hours already in negotiations. The joint petition to the FCC was signed by the FBI and representatives of Vocestream, PowerTel and the Telekom. The head of the FBI opposite Telekom was not the only and first attempt to block or at least scare up buying American telecommunications companies through foreign companies (the FBI is afraid of capitalism).

According to American laws, the FCC may not give a license to telecommunications companies where a foreign government has a share of 25 percent or high, unless the approval serves the public interest. The Democratic Senate Deputy Ernst Hollings, member of the economic committee, has already introduced a legislative proposal in the summer, which was prevented that FCC can still make such exceptions. He wrote the FCC chairman in a letter: "We did not deregulated US telecommunications to make the telecommunications company-based telecommunications companies take over the American market." Furthermore, the decisive opponent of the suppuzzy, which would bring about any intention of protectionism: "It is crowded to ame that we feed back and give us America’s telecommunications. We can not rely on that the German government will always be friendly."

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