Over vaccines on the digital identity?

Over vaccines on the digital identity?

The u.a. financed by Bill Gates, Microsoft, Accenture and the Rockefeller Foundation "Digital Identity Alliance" wants to combine digital detections with a global biometric digital identity that consists of lifetime

In a more earlier article of vaccination activism of the Gates Foundation, I managed with the vaccination activism of the Gates Foundation and her Bill Gates Bill Gates as advocate of a Corona vaccine. On its development and potentially global administration, it is feather-proof involved, without the world, in his view, the world does not return to the normality.

It was the question and results in the question of which this one-sided focus serves and why it is also repeated by the policy you are repeated by advisory scientists and the established media. The introduction of digital identities could be an important building block attempting to establish gates over the project ID2020. What is it about?

Financial connections

After focusing on Bill Gates and his vaccination activism in the last few days and weeks, the institutions financed by him also gave rise to the view. As a result of the independence of the WHO funded by Gates on the BMGF and the vaccine alliance GAVI as the main pendant, as well as a potential conflict of interest at the Robert Koch Institut and the Charite as an employer of Christian Drosten, which are both with donations of several hundred thousand US dollars with donations of several hundred thousand US dollars The BMGF were funded.

The media accompaniment by established gazetten also experiences benevolent support by the foundation. So received the weekly newspaper "The time" also just under 300.000 US dollars, during "The mirror" Even with 2.5 million dollars was considered.

In search of gates’ motivation for such a large support of the institutions and media involved in the corona crisis as well as its activism for a ultimately compulsory (and co-financed) vaccine is worthwhile to look at others through him and its companies driven projects as ID2020.

Digital Identity Alliance – ID2020

The Digital Identity Alliance, which also operates under the short ID2020, strives for its own statement creating digital identities. This should be able to identify people across borders and at the same time have control over their own data. The goal is a personalized, portable, biometrically associated digital identity, which consists of lifetime. Basic partners are u.a. Gates’ Company Microsoft, which was funded by the BMGF with high buzzed vaccine GAVI, which also in the advisory farms of the Bundeswehr entertained company consultancy Accenture and the Rockefeller Foundation, one of the largest foundations of the USA. The project will be supported in the United Nations escape leader, which in turn from the BMGF in 2020 with 50.000 US dollars is funded.

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