Over, two well-known car hackers

Over, two well-known car hackers

The two IT security experts who have hacked headline a driving jeep now works for the driving service agent over. Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek adopted jobs in Ubers technology center, which is mainly researched on technology for self-propelled cars. Uber and the two researchers did not give any information on the weekend what exactly their duties will be.

Miller and ValaSek have been such a thing as stars under the hackers for years, which after security swagen in car software. At the attack presented in July 2015 on a Jeep Cherokee, you could control the Internet not only air conditioning, radio or windscreen wipers, but to intervene in the control of the vehicle and disable the accelerator pedal. The Jeep manufacturer Fiat Chrysler then had to renew the software in around 1.4 million cars. It was the first known jerkiness in the auto industry because of the risk of cyber attack. Miller worked for Twitter and Valasek at the IT security company IOactive.

About his technology center already got around 40 researchers from the robotics department of the US University Carnegie Mellon and Microsoft card technology. With several billion dollars of investors pays over the richest startups. On the rapid international expansion, however, there are always violent conflicts with the taxi industry and regulators.

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