Our daily organic massacre

Our daily organic massacre

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Species, pork and climate change. A look at the front in anger

Should humanity go down, she had earned it. Since 1970, man has triggered 60 percent of the inventory of all suction animals, fish, birds and reptiles. Thus, since the beginning of human civilization, 83% of all wild suction animals, 80% of the marine vacuums, 15% of the fish and 50% of the plants have disappeared from Earth.

But no panic: From all the suction animals on the earth, the biomass of wildlife suction animals is only (still) 4%. The rest consists of us (36%) and ours "Fiddle" (60%). With them we live in a quite symbiosis: In 2011, scatzt has slaughtered 60 billion animals worldwide – around 58 billion chicken, just under three billion ducks, 1.4 billion pigs, 517 million sheep and 300 million cattle.

However, as animal feed, the cereal and soybean carriages of 70% of the global agricultural flakes are used as animal feed. Walder and fertile soil, already a third of the global pasture and arable flakes is medium to heavily damaged. But animal feed wants to thrive! Dafur must be tons "Pesticide" are thrown out: herbicides, fungicides, bactericides, viricides, insecticides, molluscicides, rodenticides, acaricides and pheromones. After all, this poisoned ghater and soil and destroys plants and insects, so that we are also on a good way at the total eradication of flight insects.

Missing the slice. Where to go with the whole crap? The pigs in Germany alone produce around 40 billion liters of gull per year. The cursed sequence: Nitrate in groundwater. According to the Federal Environment Agency, only 8.2% of all surfensewater in Germany had a 2015 "very good" or "good ecological condition" on. The emitted ammonia also leads not only to acidification and eutrophication of soil, but also poisones the air (fine dust and ozone) and encourages climate change (nitrous oxide).

That’s all? Should one sync with artificial hormones even the sexual cycles of the sows? Piglet castrate? Cuken shred? A Veggie Day imports!? Renate Kunast elections!? Wolfgang Kubicki!?

Who interest climate protection goals if the per capita consumption of meat has risen by 30% since 1990 and the number of people continues to rise rapidly! Thanks to Haber-Bosch’s artificial ammonia synthesis, we do not need natural momentous! We manufacture the disc with the help of gas and OL itself! Potatoes made of fossil energy – so growth the humanity!

With art scenes, genetic engineering, crop protection agents and hormonepraparates, we have created an agricultural highest performance industry! We make unimaginable! High performance plants bring gigantic! High performance skates produce under favorable dance and retention conditions far over 10.000 liters of milk per year! High performance chilters are slaughtering within 30 days! Four of nine planetary boundaries (biosphere integrity, nitrogen and phosphorus cycle, climate change, land use) are already exceeded! Hack! neck! Beef!

Meanwhile, the mirror, a self-evident postille, who poses nobody serious anyway, a 23-sided special for "Case Relotius". As contents of newspapers otherwise and in "Norm" The pure truth, a pure image objective realitate. That does not believe that anyway, and the prevailing opinion has always been the opinion of the prevailing.

Let’s go to the frying fat, let us celebrate a party

Dear Mirror: Nobody Gives A Fuck. On the other hand, in the mendacious leading media landscape 2018, one had dealt only half as intensively as with the AFD, Mr. Maes or the Fubball National Team also with the causes of the flat-covered organic massacre and the poisoning of our natural livelihoods, one had in the "Heat year 2018" once finally can talk about all the decisive questions of humanity.

But oh fright, then you had to ask yourself against the business and power model of Mr. Burda and Mrs. Springer, Mr. Albrecht and Mrs. Quandt. I awarded: whose meat I eat, whose song I sing. Then prefer "Workplace losses" and one "okodict star" warn, then not the "Competitiveness" endanger. Cum Ex, diesel scandal and heat summer – Consequence: None.

Dear fast in Primark and Lidl a snap on dust or for 20.000 Euro to the Okoressort flying to Indonesia – as long as it still exists. Then rather take away now, which is still there. Nothing is there soon. Since you were already blod, if you do not even quickly access yourself. I’m not that blod. Better to quickly book a cruise and fly on the Maldives. Oysters at Tim Rough? Bring it on! Kentucky Fried Chicken? Bring it on! Let’s go to the frying fat, let us celebrate a party.

The end seams, next to us the flood. We deserve that, we can afford us. It is just how that’s run. Who has nothing, is to blame itself. Hort not on envy debates and modernization opponents. I belong to the upscale middle class. The slaves in the slaughter factories, sweatshops and mines should be grateful that they have work. Blackrock makes free, the Amazon can be gone. That’s your pension, that’s just for you!

My God, how will we gather before our children and grandchildren. and "hurt the person", How Christian Morgenstern said, "If only a single animal is sitting in the world dish." But before that rather fast still a big Mac Walk, Earling wagon buy and splash glyphosate. For safety. Andi Scheuer and Julia Klockner find the class. We join. That’s our freedom. Or should you leave it?

Philip von Becker lives as an author and filmmaker in Berlin.

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