Organ donation and the meaning of life

Organ donation and the meaning of life

Examination of the death assessment before organ removal. Image: German Foundation Organ Transplantation

The Dutch director Godfried Beumers over the second chance in life

Health is a tall good in our lives. Although many people have added a higher life expectancy than ever, depending on the country, gender (for one "Equal Age Day"), Prosperity and also the ethnic origin. But even if there is more and more highly elegant ancient, a lifestyle seems to be set around the age of 115 a final end (maximum age of about 115 years?To). That is the fact that we all, our prosperity and scientific progress will be dying, highly probably once. How can we react to that?

Godfried Beumers (65) is theater director and telltoders and lives in the Dutch Nijmegen (Nijmegen). A few years ago, a severe liver disease presented him before the decision: with certainty die or probably die when fast enough a donor body finds? Today he stops school classes and for adult seminars on organ donation. In the conversation shows what more young and healthy people can learn from his experiences.

Mr Beumers, just received mail from the Dutch Institute for Public Health, whether I register as an organ donor. How should I react? Godfried Beumers: That’s what your decision is. But even if they register, the likelihood that it really comes so far, just 0.01%. Why so low? Godfried Beumers: I wish you, of course, that you live for a long time. An organ donation can only be carried out if someone dies in the intensive care unit. Otherwise it takes too long and are no longer the bodies lifelike. If it had not given a certain anonymous donor in her case, but now we could not drove this conversation now. Godfried Beumers: That’s correct. And for that and I am very grateful. In fact, many patients have a coarse requirement to print their gratitude. After all, someone had to die so we can live. That also produces guilty. Some were on the waiting list for years. How can this gratitude give form? Godfried Beumers: The identity of the donor or donor is considerably kept secret, unless it is a direct donation about a kidney or liver tie within a family. I only got the gender and the age communicated. But there is the possibility to send a letter to the survivors about a confidant who must also be anonymous. Often people have this desire, but do not find the matching words. The survivors are first asked if they would like to receive such a letter. Have you so thanked? Godfried Beumers: I have half a year later written a book about the fun weeks in the hospital because everything had gone so fast; and I actually wrote a letter. Two years later, I hoarding that the receptioners were very happy about it. Maybe you summarize what happened at that time. Godfried Beumers: I was so ill in the final stage that I thanked me for every breath: again a managed. The disease came surprisingly and within a few months. At that time I had a coarse job as an artistic director of a multicultural organization. We worked at a project for the city Nijmegen, where it went to immigrants. There have always been many immigrants in the history of the city. In the year of production even an Iraqer threatened to jump from the Walbrucke to death as he should be deported. We all had an immense working prere, as the public demand depended on whether our project became a success. And during this time they almost died? Godfried Beumers: Yes. First my skin colored orange. We asked ourselves at the beginning: I had too much in the sun? For this purpose, corner of the body, voice problems, coarse mortality and irritability came. How long did it take to find the cause for doctors? Godfried Beumers: months. In the spring of the year in question we thought the first time to turn on a second doctor. Finally, we were sent by specialist to a specialist, but no one saw the rough whole. Only in June turned out that my liver did not work well and the iron no longer processed. This caused the discoloration of my skin. And then everything went very fast? Godfried Beumers: In October I was briefly in the hospital. I still remember a doctor who said to me: When I get her here again while working, I set the treatment. Finally, it became clear that my liver was completely broken due to a gene fekt. In December, I was told that a transplation was my only chance ware and put me on the waiting list. How stood their chances at that time? Godfried Beumers: The waiting time for a donor liver was averaging three to six weeks. The doctors gave me only ten days. That it went faster sounds like a miracle. Godfried Beumers: Yes. On a Monday I came to the waiting list; I could already operate a day later.

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