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Now the science magazine Newscientist has also discovered the current "Big Thing" of the Internet as a topic, the social networks online, and is facing the dimensions of Friendster, Myspace, Bebo et al. The question that WECLHE Blutenweib persisted working lunch participants in media companies for some time already drifted: How do these networks revolutionize live, social contacts and work?

To set a "spoiler" right right at the beginning: The author of the article "This is your Space", Amanda Father, not a freshman, which complies with complex facts, wife no concrete answer. She dares some predictions and describes the phenomenon of social networking websites with quite enterprise saws that appear as similar in conversation with media marketing specialists:

Everyone can participate..While alter adults go online to inform yourself, the younger online go online. The boundaries between the private sphare and the public blurred; There is a gap between the generations that expands – between the adolescents who grow up with social technology and adults who do not feel at home, strange and uncomfortable. Welcome to the Myspace Generation.

And hospitters has impressive numbers for the still hard-to-tangible rough thing: 30 million members at the pioneer portal Friendster; On Bebo, which has just become one year old and the number 1 is the social networking pages in the Great Britain, you pay 25 million members. The "mother" of all these pages, MySpace, where Rupert Murdoch has bought for $ 580 million last year, should have just registered the 100 millionth member. MySpace should get more access to hypers in the week than Google.

The bloggers also mention hospitals in connection with the development of the network to the really interactive medium. Also considerable numbers: 51.3 million blogs worldwide, according to Technorati, every day 75 should.Added to new blogs. The blogosphere is now 100 times gross than three years ago.

In view of these gigantic numbers and determination that social networking in the network apparently relates to all areas of life and age groups – albeit with the restriction that under-25-year-old – is used – and much time is used, the newscientist author will ask the question how this is on the social behavior in real life.

According to their investigation, short studies have come to largely opposed results. Some claim that the individuals were through social networking extrovert, social and smoother. Others recognize the opposite: The social network workers were resumed by their families and friends, leaving social ties in real life, isolate themselves and become depressed.

The author concludes the conclusion that the distinguishing line between real life and online can no longer be clearly. It no longer deals with the new phanomena about an escapism that is known from ages online cultures. While, for example, for example, in Chatrooms and online games, a fantasy name had been given to stay anonymous or have to be added to the freedom of another identity, be it striking that the boys on the social network pages usually act with the right name. In addition, the coarse part of your online interaction partners should be most conveniently covered by the friend and acquaintance of acquaintances. Social contacts via web are therefore only an expansion of the contacts that you otherwise maintain – about phone or e-mail.

The two Spharen will be able to mix even more, if the contact with MySpace Uber’s mobile phone ("Mobile Myspace") – run, spreading Wi-Fi hotspots into the city – and the whole thing also the professional life is falling hard : As a harbinger of this development, HDF has called scientific community sites such as SIPHS.

Based on Facebook, a social network page, which connects students from American universities, the author shows the general direction for the future of such networks: they become more and gross, one becomes a member of several such networks, depending on the profession, interests and friends. Inevitably, it seems that someday creates a meta-network that all links the different social networks – "and the complete identity of an individual will live online in all sides….We will be autonomous and discover more mobile than ever and a BLSINAG undiscovered form of collectivitat ".

The optimistic root tone is shared, the hooked person besides in your article, not all of all. Although hardly a day passes on, where no business news about MySpace and others on websites that bring news from the media world, the industry seems to be enthusiastic about the idea of social networking, and no one wants to miss the train. So now also BBC is looking for a counterpart to Murdoch’s MySpace, but just youngest excitement in connection with Facebook also reveal unpleasant pages of the network: the disclosure of private information in a public space, which u.a. Invite to Stalking. On the other hand, that members of Facebook have resisted and have filed a mass protest, but on the other hand speaks that certain sensitities can not be scrolled so easily.

In talking circuits of the offline world, Ofter is a criticism of certain community portals to Horens to read here in a similar argument online:

Generally, the acceptance is upright that myspace is a social networking page: "A place for friends", as the slogan formulated. In reality, Myspace is the next generation of marketing, advertising and promotion in the exquisite cladding as a social network. Simply said: is spam 2.0

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