On in the virtual theme park

The Guggenheim Museum wants to make cash

The news does not really sound new: Again, the Guggenheim Museum sees his virtual museum on the Internet. But now it is clear that in addition to the art the fund should vote.

On in the virtual theme park

The Virtual Museum of the Guggenheim Foundation has been planned for a long time, published in October 2000 Telepolis already an interview with the architects working on Hani Rashid from the New Yorker "AsyMptote Architects" (Virtual Guggenheim). So far, however, the Site WWW is.Guggenheim.Com still a blank construction site. And again and again the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation to the press to avoid rough for the future. From September 2001, 50 specialists should work under the creative boss Rashid at the Virtual Guggenheim Museum, but art and commerce should be connected, as the New York Times reported.

Real Guggenheim Art Museums are already in New York, Bilbao, Berlin and Venice, 2.5 million visitors have been paid by last year. The foundation has been in call for quite some time, expanding too aggressive, V.a. Since 1998 Thomas Krens Director became. New museums in Las Vegas, Brazil and Lower Manhattan are planned. For the departure in the Cyberspace, coalitions with the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the Albertina in Vienna, the Hermitage in St. Petersburg and the center for art and media technology (ZKM) forged in Karlsruhe.

Some of the content should be offered in virtual Guggenheim for free, but money will be cashed. The whole thing is intended to be visually exciting and offer much more than conventional museum pages on the Internet, so the Guggenheimer. And indeed: A virtual gallery should join with a sales room to become a topic park of the arts. So to speak, the Guggenheim-World Online. The scope and the exact contents are not revealed – a mut of attempt to adhere to the interest of the openity.

In any case, high-quality digital reproductions of the paintings, sculptures and other works of art from all Guggenheim museums and associated houses will be found there, including video works and media art. An online art database for all needs. In the museums, performances and concerts are also virtually offered – probably against debit from credit card per minute. In addition, the e-museumshop, but also teaching material and a traveling on art pilgrims traveling.

The whole thing is financed in advance by investors who have already signed and through sponsors whose logos will then appear at the few freely accesses on the screen.

Tailored to Guggenheim.COM will be unlocked by the foundation so that it does not lose your non-profit status. Because exactly that risks when you start to get profits and to become the overdimensional virtual museum shop.

In the telepolis interview, the architect Rashid last year was the plan for the museum still so succeeded:

The project was initiated by museum curators who have been experimenting with media and images for a long time, especially with photography, and who asked the question of which artistic representation options open the new media. (….) None of us we have designed the ‘Virtual Guggenheim’ has a technological background. We all have to do with architecture. Especially that was so appealing.

Today you have to be yelled that the project also has a lot of business with architecture and whether the curators have something to report, stands as a rough question mark in the real and virtual room.

Splity for experiments or network art is probably not at McGuggenheim between the digital image database, tourism borse for the art-fertilized and the sales room with art-printed umbrellas, FULLERs and diaries. But maybe the net art is really dead and online art like the Tate Britain (grid art at Tate Britain), the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (the future makes Plopp!) or the Museum of Modern Art) in New York as hopefully ubooted like the inconvenient small projects and individual network artists.

On in the virtual theme park, in which art only has the essential function, let the cash register ring!

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