Olaf scholz over electric cars: “my goal: one million charging points until 2030″box

Olaf Scholz over electric cars:'mein ziel: eine million ladepunkte bis 2030'​'mein ziel: eine million ladepunkte bis 2030'​

ELAF Scholz SPD Chancellor’s Candidate wants to use in the event of an election victory of his party for a faster expansion of the charging infrastructure for electric cars. "We need more charging panels – on supermarket parking, petrol stations and every normal residential strain", said Scholz the newspapers of New Berliner editorial company as well as the Stuttgarter newspaper and the Stuttgarter news (Expenditure on Wednesday, 30. June). "At the moment we do not even create 1000 new souls a month. But we needed 2000 new soule in the week." Scholz expert on: "My goal is to have a million charging points by 2030."

Germany stands in the face of the targeted climate neutritat until 2045 in front of a second industrial revolution. "This task is huge", said the Federal Minister of Finance. "The automotive industry and other industries are in the starting pages. Only the state has not yet made the necessary decisions."

50 billion euros for the electricity infrastructure

If he was going to lead the government after the general election, "In the first year, we will change the necessary laws for the construction of electricity lines and production facilities for renewable energies in Germany", said Scholz. The SPD Chancellor’s candidate also called the sum of 50 billion euros, which he invests in the infrastructure in the infrastructure.

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