Of the chancellor’s new clothes

Easter-rich students go to the barricades, shot takes laughing the hat – Gusenbauer comes under buoy calls of their own comrades to power

The turnaround turnaround in the east-rich domestic policy seems to be postponed until the next choice. The new government program remains more than vague in important questions. There is no concrete proposal for the discharge of the factor of work, nor more justified distribution of tax burden. The conservative OVP, however, could hold on to many positions, for which she had been released. From the election promises of the only placed spo remained little. The disputed question of the purchase of new interceptors remains unclear until further notice. Instead of the abolition of study goods requested by the Social Democrats, one agreed on a compromise. After that, it should be possible to make way of dealing with 60 hours of social work or tutoring to 6 euros the hour the bonds virtually. A smooth snapside find student representatives, but also social services. Spontaneously, students went to the strain. The Spo Youth Feels from the own party betrayed and announced demonstrations for the fishing of the new government.

"The new government becomes more modern, social make a powerful. That has promised Alfred Gusenbauer in the election campaign, he will hold as Federal Chancellor." Text and image: SPO

On the 1. October 2006, the Easter-Rich Social Democrats jumped over an unexpected election victory. At the conservative OVP, on the other hand, there were long faces. The shock about the loss of the lead position SAB deep. The coarse conflict with the SPO is to negotiate at all, said the OVP Chancellor Wolfgang Schussel. Many Easter riches convicted this judge as an unseited arrogance of a variety of chancellor. The survey values for the conservatives fell into the basement. And not a few comrades recommended to their party chairman and designated Chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer not to put on the OVP, but the leap into a minority government. Prefer to risk new elections than to make an unwilling OVP, many sympathizers of the SPO thought at this time.

But it came differently. Grunen concluded a support of a minority government, as well as the FPO. Only the small BZO continued to try to stay in power and could imagine any variant suitable for that. The Easter Federal President Heinz Fischer favored a rough coalition under the conditions given. So was negotiated with the OVP. Without the option for support by one of the other parties Alfred Gusenbauer had little prere. The result fell out how skeptical comrades expected. A zoomed out of Alfred Gusenbauer had to "leave the pants down", so the unanimous judgment of the Easter Rich International Policy commentators.

Traditional final terrestrials such as outdoor, indoor, financial and economic ministry remained at the OVP. The field of education was able to complain about the spo for itself. The controversial science department remains again with the conservatives. The Grunen boss Alexander van der Bennen could not resist sarcasm. "A black government with a red Chancellor," said tight comment. It had to let the greats be guided. For as the Grune federal manifer Michaela Sburny and the deputy Karl Ollinger on Tuesday at short notice still offered a support for a spo minority government, they only criticized criticism for the "late insight".

Protests at the base

During Alfred Gusenbauer on Monday on Monday the journalist wanted to sell the negotiated coalition pap as a success of the SPO, it rumort already long in their own ranks. Functional reports of party exits and angular calls of SP-elective. A few hours after the first press conference, the students were already on the strain and blocked the busy ring in the city center of Vienna and moved to the SP party headquarters. Above all, a detail of the coalition agreements had brought the barrel to skiing: the study commits. They were introduced under Chancellor’s firs, the SPO promised in the election campaign their abolition. Out came a compromise. The 363.36 EUR per semester will be re-refunded at compensation of 60 hours of recovered work. In the students, especially with the left-left, came to a bad joke. Because it was always credo of social democracy, also young people from socially weaker layers to facilitate study. In the absence of a system, such as the German BaFog, most of the Easter-rich students have to work even a lot to earn livelihood and study materials. The students were found as an additional burden. The old students and scholarship entitled to get the emotion already back today, but the paying majority is therefore still out of about-based ratios. That now has been proposed to provide, for example, tutoring or social service to get the students replaced, therefore not only the Social Democratic Students Argert. Within less hours, for example, the Internet Forum of the Easter-Rich Tageszeitung the Standard with far more than a thousand majority of negative postings, which otherwise hardly creates a topic.

Devaluation of social professions

The reactions of the student representatives fell unambiguously. In a first broadcast, the east-rich university interior (OH) spoke of the "large-minded mischief". Barbara Blaha and Lina Anna Playbauer from OH Chairs:

Instead of relieving students, more work is raised to them. (…) You get 6.05 euros in the hour. An average student job is better paid. (…To). This is simply a cheap possibility for the state to bring replacement license.

In fact, students earn 12 euros and more. So why they should offer this performance for six euros, hardly someone under the students looks. A student involved in the occupation of the SPO party headquarters hissed in a media micro: "This creates only more precare work transactions."Current work hates honorable, the people in social professions, however, can be evaluated by the proposal. The union of the municipal services protested against the "continued abuse of the term, social work":

Competitions work, which go out the level of ‘paper skull clubs’ beyond the professionality. This can only be ensured by training, training and supervision of the social professions. LAYS can only be used in these areas to be used only under guidance, supervision and supervision of professionals. In particular, the 6000 in Austria’s social workers who have at least three years of training in the tertiary education sector (at Universities of Applied Sciences) have been and are discussed by such proposals in their professional self-mortal. To believe that students were able to replace professional action in the field of deaths in hospices or the care of ages of ages, testifies to completely ignorance of the problems in these work areas. This with the wage equivalent of 6.00 euros per hour to culminate the level of this proposal.

Aid organizations see the similar. Caritas Director Dr. Michael Landau spoke against the ORF from an "unrelanded proposal". For the sensitive hospice work, you could not simply use students. Whoever – whether OVP or SPO – may have come to the idea of offsetting of degree of study against social service, both parties have once again proved a certain attitude of mental attitude, which is not only aware of Austria in Austria and is now fragwurrdig: the service with and In humans, western societies are always low – and paid. Obviously, "anyone" can be cheap to the old, sick and socially weaker litters – the main thing. It saved is saved at the work that directly comes to people, while urgently needed administrative reforms are not tackled. While iron like uberburocratization and official privileges, parties are generally reluctant to.

Forgotten young, starved universities

Not to mention the topic of generation justice. A german proposal of Alfred Gusenbauer, a solidarity contribution of high-pension recipients (about 3.000 EUR) to raise what was affected in Austria primary formerly well-doped officials, soon disappeared in the sinking. On the whole, Spo-federal fuels were Norbert Darabos, when the Jungsocialists entered the party headquarters. He tried to calm the students with the following words: "We have achieved social achievements, less the younger, but rather the ages, but they have to live."

The protests continued on Tuesday. The Chairman of the Socialist Youth, Torsten Engelage, Ready to vote in the party board against the coalition pact. "I also protest against a liberalization of the labor market, the miserable situation of apprentices and civil servants. When the government is staunch, then we are your first opposition, "said Engelage.

Even from the OVP-near action community, which represents more conservative students, came criticism at the coalition model. And the economic students memorized urgent structural reforms. The problems with Easter Reich Unis are actually far beyond the students. Under the years of the OVP chancellery, the science department was at the Ministry of Education. The then Minister, Elisabeth Gehrer (OVP), mainly pushed the expansion of the colleges. The universities were "broken," to refrain from structural reforms, as not only the left camp complains.

Over-based horsal, knock-out suggestions, surplus professors, barely supervised students in everyday life to Osterreich’s universities. In research and teaching hardly has been invested. To pay for suggestions, many for an imposition. At the same time, the regular labor market offered little prospects for young people with high school graduation. Against the relatively high youth unemployment, the old legal conservative government has hardly developed convincing concepts. Before young people do nothing, many decide for the further education at a university. The final quota is in the European comparison but low. Many are the multiple load study and side jobs then just too much.

One of the certainly never assigned to the left camp of the SPO, the former Minister of Finance and today industrial, Hannes Androsch, showed himself just with regard to the science sector in accordance with the negotiated coalition pact. The coloted 200 million euros, which are to be used in the entire education area, were the maybe, he said in an interview. In research and development, a small country as a east-niche investmentally investment to secure competitive and business location, so Androsch.

More protests

Despite all protests, the coalition pact was at 75 percent of the votes in the SPO federal party board. Rejection came from the Social Democratic Youth Organizations, the Pensioners and Individual State Organizations. Alfred Gusenbauer tried to make a good expression to Bosen game. His image seems sustainable. OVP was able to prevail strongly in the negotiations. Whether the conservatives under Alt-Chancellor’s shot with the insistence on their own political positions, for which they had actually been derived in October, the country really good did the country will show the realpolitical policy of the future. At any rate, the hat was visibly satisfied with the hat and put the party presidency back on Tuesday. The previous OVP Klubobmann Wilhelm Molterer becomes vice chancellor.

As is always a shot in the history booker, one has not left one in his departure certainly: Above mood in Austria. In a first lightning survey (OGM for the Easter Rundfunk), 49 percent amed that, under the new coalition coalition, hardly any otherwise, but in their opinion, the policy of recent years will continue. Only 39 percent of the Osterreich are opposite view. Two percent made no information here. Neo-Chancellor Gusenbauer will not only have a lot of conviction work in his own party. At least it is very bad. The Socialist Youth and the Student Association VSSTO have already announced further protests for governmental joint. Even the Easter-rich university teacher wants to demonstrate, even the "Police Union – Group Social Democratic Unionist" Has logged in. The Socialist Youth Linz has set up its own satire side of protest. The unmiston request to its own party chairman: withdraw!

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