Obama goes, bush comes

Yesterday, Chancellor Merkel shaken the Hande’s American President Barack Obama. Tomorrow she could embrace his potential successor: Jeb Bush visited Berlin

The AUBE policy of the Government Barack Obama is attacked in the US from all sides. In particular, his decision to reduce American soldiers from Afghanistan and the Middle East, are conservative as "America’s retreat". Finally, they attacked the agreement with the nuclear negotiations with Iran. Europe has to set itself on a new aggressive US sub-policy. Finally, the Democrats have never placed the prasident since 1945 as two termages. The probability is high that the next US prasident even comes from the Bush family.

As the mirror reported, the younger brother of George W is. Bush visit Europe this week. Berlin is also Berlin, where Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel is just returned from the G7 summit.

Safe seems that the youngere Bush, who has not yet officially explained his candidacy, will meet the German Aufemister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Finance Minister Schauble. On Tuesday, Jeb Bush should even meet with Merkel at the Annual Meeting of the CDU Economic Council.

Image: Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 3.0

This process includes a certain explanimate that the Bush Junior Junior a few days after his return from Europe, on 15. June will explain his application for the prasident office.

Implicit is the high-ranking treatment of the guest – actually at this time only a business man from Florida – thus a mixing in the starting American election campaign. In it, it will be prominently about dub policy, exactly the political field so, with which Jeb Bush wants to profile on his European tour.

A war cabinet

That Jeb Bush had his statement, the invasion of Iraq in Marz 2003 had been a real decision, and that he had not decided otherwise, quite serious, let himself read on his team of Aubinepolitische consultants. He introduced that in Chicago in February. Of 21 people, 20 already worked under Ronald Reagan, father Brother Bush in different governmental staff.

The only newcomer brings JEB Bush from Miami with: Lincoln Diaz-Balart engages in its function as the most important spokesman for the anti-castro lobby of any form of relaxation with Cuba radical. In his opinion, Obama’s price of the adoption is simply one "Propulsion in front of a dictator".

Lincoln Diaz Balart is one of the most dazzling figures in US politics. He was born in 1954 in Havana. His aunt, Mirta Diaz-Balart, was married until 1955 with Fidel Castro. Accordingly, the cousin of the die-hard anticommunist plays the oldest son of Fidel Castro, "Fidelito" Castro Diaz Balart, an important role in Cuban politics.

For the young Bush brother, Latin America’s view not only represents an election manavers to mobilize the Latino community. Since 1974 he has been married to the births Mexican Columba Bush.

Unlike his blood-related transactions in the Prassident office, Jeb actually studied international politics, with a focus on Latin America. On the other hand, his old brother came directly from the olindustry into his first political office. Her father, George Walker Bush, went to the Yale University of US Navy, where he completed economics after only two and a half years.

Bush senior initially led the CIA and the Council on Foreign Relations. When he set the vice-prassides for Ronald Reagan from 1981, he accompanied the dirty wars at the end of the Cold War. From his team, some rusty pensioners support the Junior Junior.

There is, for example, John Negroponte (76) in the new Foreign Policy team of Jeb Bush. From 1981 he coordinated the dirty war of the CIA in Central America in his function as Honduran ambassador. In addition, the concealed war of the paramilitarian contras against the Sandinist Nicaragua, but also activities of death charges in Honduras and El Salvador: torture, disappeared, state terror.

Under Ronald Reagan, these activities also supported the then commissioner for Latin America at the USAID, the exile Cuban Otto Juan Empire (70), now also in Jeb Bush’s aubermanitik team. At his age brother Otto Reich derived from 2001 the Latin America Department in the Auf Ministry. During this time he looked at the Venezuelan opposition at their coup attempt against Hugo Chavez on 11. April 2002, as unknown arms shot both on government supports and on the opposition.

Also a successor of Otto Reich as Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Roger Noriega, belonging to the new Republican Augal Policy Team. Noriega wrote with other Republicans the Helms Burton law, which continued the economic blockade against Cuba in 1996.

At the coup against the left-liberal prasident of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, his opponents in June 2009, among other things Roger Noriega as a private consultant. Since this coup, the time the FDP Foundation "For the freedom" prominent supported, the country sinks in political violence.

Not only Latin America

From the point of view of the left and left-liberal governments in Latin America, from El Salvador to Chile, these people were allowed – should they go to the Office again with Jeb Bush – simply represent a war cabinet. But beyond the region, the team of Jeb Bush will flare the worst burrowing.

With Michael Hayden and Porter Goss, two CIA bosses of George W. Bush represented. There are also two ministers for Homeland Security, Tom Ridge and Michael Chertoff. The legal justifications for their torture programs developed at the Department General Michael Mukasey. Against his appointment protested today’s vice-prassident Joe Biden and the current Aufeister John Kerry.

Mukasey had pronounced torture, but "Specific worship techniques" infection. The legal expertise in the team of Pierre Prosper, specializes in crime against human rights.

With Kenneth Juster, Jeb Bush got a specialist in the strategic control of global trade in the team. In this field of competencies, the former Prasidents of the World Bank Robert Zoellick and Paul Wolfowitz, the Defense Minister Donald Rumsfeld, also referred to as the actual architect of the Bush doctrine.

Together with Jeb Bush, in the 1990s, they are looking for the neo-conservative thinking industry Project for the New American Century (PNAC). In exactly this spirit, the AUBENPolitic ideas of the Berlin visitor are moving: the alleged natural American superiority requires a responsibility to make the world in your own interest.

In this respect, Jeb Bush supports his old brother probably not only with the missing voices in the elections in 2000. At that time, the democratic candidate Al Gore had received a half million more votes nationwide than George W. Bush. However, the electoral manners decided on a republican majority due to the vote in Florida. Although the election there was clarified the Supreme Court for catch-up, but for a renewed payment probably lacked the time.

With his PNAC colleagues, Jeb Bush then developed essential basics of the radiation policy for George W. Bush. If he first justified the Iraq war and its consequences, that’s just consistent. After all, he and his comrades had developed the program in 1997, which translated the breeding Iraq Study Group Father.

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