Now threatens the total erdogan dictatorship?

While all the world celebrates the failure of the coup in Turkey, you have to worry about the opposition in the country even more. Maybe everything was a staging to eliminate the last Hurden for the Erdogan state?

The last hours showed how many fans of the Turkish Prasident Erdogan has all over the world. As soon as the dilettantically planned coup attempt had become known at the Bosphorus who had already been lost when Erdogan was able to return to the Turkish metropolis from his vacation, the international solidarity with Erdogan ran at the International Solidarity. From NATO Uber the US to the EU, all central organizations made unconditionally behind the Turkish government and celebrated the defeat of the coup as a victory of democracy in Turkey.

Erdogan – guarantee for capitalist interests

Did not have different tones from the so-called Western world in the last few months? The mobilized associations were nor that an authoritar rule developed under Erdogan. Increasingly, but was also talked about a fascist regime under Erdogan. Finally, the Prasident has repeatedly broken his own force, a election result in which his AKP had lost, not recognized, new elections enforced and then started a war against the Kurdish national movement and the entire democratic opposition.

So he gave a majority in parliament to continue the war against all oppositional crafts. The reports of arrested journalists went around the world. And now, where this regime had been challenged by a militar coach, that’s all forgotten?

Erdogan Prasident Palace. Image: EX13 / CC BY-SA 4.0

It should by no means be claimed that this misschluxed coup has had something to do with the restoration of democracy. It was certainly a blankness of dissatisfied in the spectrum of the conservative Islamists and a last rebellion of the once so powerful kemalists in the Turkish army, which had to threaten only 20 years ago only with a coup to bring the government to line. It is obvious that it is made under the Islamist elites for dissatisfaction with the government.

For Erdogan and his fan club, the Gulen Group is to blame. But in fact, it’s the failed outdoor policy concepts that provide unrest in their own rows. From Syria on Egypt to Israel, Erdogan has only retracted defeats. The fact that the regressive antizionist, who bought with Israsel-bashing and again the confidence of the famous-erupted Arab strain, has now suddenly again good neighborhood with Israel must celebrate, was allowed to have a lot of confusion in his own warehouse. Because hate on Israel is also attending the essentials of Islamist movement in Turkey.

How far the coup attempt was a staging must remain open. However, the dilettant approach of the Putschisten must like to think like the absence of Erdogan and above all, the fact that he has long warned a coup for a long time to board the opposition.

The democratic opposition against Erdogan has not placed on the side of the Putschists as well as the Kurdish national movement. Finally, it is known from the history of the last decades that a coup was always associated with terror against both opposition groups.

Billing with the opposition

But after the failure of the coup, this opposition now threatens a great danger of a victorious Erdogan and his attachments. Erdogan already spoke of a gift of God to settle with everything, which still stood in the way of a prasidial dictatorship tailored to him.

This is obvious among others the Turkish catch. So far, the majority differences in the Turkish Parliament have not approved in order to change them in Erdogan’s senses. Therefore, vascorative steps were taken to change this. This is obvious the criminalization of deputies of the left HDP, whose mandates should fall away. The coup attempt could now accelerate Erdogan’s planner enormous. Already a cleaning was reported in the Turkish judiciary, where there were still last residues of a Kemalistic resistance against Erdogan’s total state.

In addition, there is still one for the opposition disturbing moment. Erdogan called his pendant to put in the way of the coup. But these are not a Democrats, but it is a nationalist and Islamistic mob, which has already become active in the past, if he has seen the Islamist order in danger. The AKP approach has blown up left events, besides opposition media and only a few weeks ago a plate shop towered, because there are radiohead fans and did not held on the Islamist alcohol ban in Ramadan.

Now this mob can let off steam as a defender of the Erdogan regime. This ensures that the rule is actually fascist, because there is always any time-ready reactionaries. It has always given situations in history, where failed coup attempts, which were still painted by the respective rule as a special risk, was used to settle with all opponents who did not do the slightest with the coup. You only need to think about the operettus slip of the last remnants of the Nomenclatura 1991 in Moscow, which made the way for the rule of Jelzin and the oligarchs.

Neither Erdogan nor other Putschists

To make the Turkish opposition you really have to worry about. The more, if all the voices of the Western world now celebrate the Erdogan regime as a hoard of democracy and the defeat of the coup as a victory of the stability.

But that makes it clear what these institutions goes. Democracy is something for the Sunday speeches and stability is the credo. There have been a lot of concern even under Western thinking industries, whether Erdogan with his policy in recent years is not the big danger of the stability. For the democratic opposition, which makes even illusions about the support of the West for democratic reforms, the last few hours were also instructive. For their position, not to support Erdogan nor other Putschists, you can get support from democratic movements in many countries, but not from the elites.

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