Now it’s also the teletubbies to the collar

Further deportation games are planned

As soon as the moor chicken blocker, there is the first geting agent against the moor chicken in the workplace, the sliding community has long been found replacement. Now one is allowed to push the cute – albeit degenerated – Teletubbies. Children’s protection warn already before.

Now it's also the Teletubbies to the collar

You do not want to believe it, but the moor chickens have made a new trend. So that no boredom comes up in the crowd of the moorhigh fans, you can currently – killer teletubbies – in two versions on the TV levers of the children. In the first variant, the "KillerTubbie splatter", Is it pretty bloody to the point. But Lala resists and throws Hamburger back, which loses the player life.

So ran to the downloads…and glad teletubbie push * g *! We do not take any damage that may occur through these programs. Likewise, we are not responsible for the contents of the programs, but offer these only for download.


Meanwhile, youth protectors are addressed whether you do not index such a game. But the criteria are not met, because the obvious comic drawing can not be amed that persons under the age of 18 were danger. Even eight-year children, albeit macabre – recognize humor and can not produce a real estate reference. Tasteless is also the final sequence, because Lala falls off the head and out of the neck appears the head of the Iraqi State President Saddam Hussein.

Now it's also the Teletubbies to the collar

Walter Wilkens, Federal Executors of the Child Protection Association, warns of giving this game to children in the hands, as such games can have devastating effects on the psyche of children. He continues to lead: "Games like ‘Totet Teletubbies’ mountains in children in unfavorable life ratios the risk of increased violence".

The second variant, "Teleubbie Strikes Back!", offers only one – albeit – bloody variant of the baller game. But at a high screen resolution of 1024 times 786 pixels remains only a small game window. Exercises does not offer this version.

But that should not yet be achieved the highlight of this deportation games, because in discussion forums, it is probably openly spoken on the tarpaulin that a moor chicken variant is arising in the emergence that all heads of the members of the German Bundestag. Again, the boiler will certainly be cooked up and you will demand a quote of the youth protection.

Although the Chairman of the Federal Prostitute for youth-hazardous fonts can not give a forecast on a game that they have not seen yet, but when it comes to the application, such a game was safely recalculated by the 12er body. "So a case has not yet come to us", says Elke Monsen-Engberding, but you have to wait. "If it looks like Quake or Doom", Then no doubts have been. Maybe the politicians themselves had to become tatig, because such a representation of goods certainly as crisis-relevant personal deniness.

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