Not the taxes are the problem, but the total tax burden

Not the taxes are the problem, but the total tax burden

How a fairer prosperity in Germany feasible goods – a comment

Whenever somewhere in Germany election campaign is, you can put the clock afterwards when tax cuts are brought into conversation. Let’s go to the relief of the middle class, sometimes to let the Wahler participate in the good location of the state. But that’s aid-war showplatz. Tax cuts are poorly targeting as the Robin Hood fantasia prayer. Rich-bashing and envy debate moges the stem tables. At the imbalance of the conditions they do not other things.

Taxes in Germany are not too high. You are in the European comparison in the healthy midfield after decades have been reduced again and again – especially in the upper income district. The German economy is blinding. The middle would hardly bring lower taxes. And at the lower end of the scale, a basic allowance of soon 9000 euros per year will hardly pay taxes anyway.

The problem is not the taxes, but the total tax burden including pension and health insurance. The covering of the employer’s share, the additional payment obligation at all corners and ends, the urge for private provisions have made that workers are burdened here over the coming. And yet the social security contributions to shaky docks, in a few years already threatens an explosion of old-age poverty.

It is not least the dumping wage sector created by the agenda reforms of the Schroder government, which have been forceded into the unemployed law, since they are obliged to "reasonable" To accept work. That the working markets cooperate with temporary employment agencies and simply overlook the massive elongation against labor law, when it comes to fulfilling odds, the situation encompasses. That the idea to accommodate unemployed in this way in the first labor market in the first labor market, we were able to observe more than ten years long.

It can not work because it is based on a thinking. Printing effects only to a degree motivational – beyond it becomes obstacle. And if the only prospect is to earn so little money on eternally insecure jobs that more than pure existence is hardly possible, motivation is no longer serious. The investigations on a reduced life expectancy due to poverty also allowed the effect to strengthen the effect, because they confirm the affected persons in their opportunity. And also the social desicidarization, which is narrative of the unemployed, who is to blame himself at his fate, contributes to that a social shift is deducted.

Schulz-Attouch is not a coarse litter

SPD Chancellor’s Candidate Martin Schulz now attracts with the project in the election campaign, to the Agenda 2010 rework. Thus, old unemployed people should receive significantly long ALG I. So far, the maximum reference time is twenty-four months – thereafter falling on Hartz IV level, irrespective of how long one has paid in the unemployment insurance. And since the unemployed over 50 statistically worse opportunities have to find a place again, that is perceived as gross.

The Schulz-Vorstob was slightly despised the situation. But it is not a gross throw. It’s around with symptoms. Because it’s not just unemployed, threatening old-age poverty. The at least four million people in Germany, which only receive the minimum wage, will fall into the basic security in old age. There are more millions that earn less than 11.50 euros in the hour – the minimum wage had to be so high to get more than the basic security in the pension.

The request to provide privately available is a hohn for those affected. You simply do not have any money over. After Germany almost twenty years had the most promoting wage development in the EU, higher leans are not a pious desire, but a necessity. Not only the domestic economy has also benefited, even the financial markters and the social funds. Whether it was revealed to make the latter for the future saddlefest, but is questionable.

At exactly this point love you. Because it is possible to lower the total tax burden and at the same time to put the pension back from the head to the fruze. But the potential implementation has so far from barely comprehensible ground political taboos. There are some of our neighboring countries, especially Switzerland, as it works. And that it works!

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